Duggar Family Gives Valentine’s Day Marriage Tips As Jill, Joy-Anna & Jinger Duggar Show Love On Instagram

Marriage and family are held in utmost importance in the Duggar family. So it was no surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared their marriage tips for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Not only did they have a lot to say about how to nurture a healthy relationship, but their kids — Jill, Joy-Anna, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar — now all grown up and also married, showed how their parents’ advice is also helping them be fulfilled and satisfied in their romantic partnerships.

On top of the special Valentine’s Day event that they hosted, in which the attendees had to pay $15, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decided to share some free marriage tips on their family blog. They have written about the success of their marriage and how they kept the positivity alive for over 33 years. This time, they arranged the advice in such a way that was easy for the followers to digest.

“Early on in our relationship, we committed to never put each down or to call each other names,” they wrote as the number one rule in marriage.

“We both look for ways to honor & cherish each other and to write love notes to each other,” they wrote as their third rule.

Many Counting On fans thanked the couple for sharing their values.

“In today’s world, everyone is so busy with life that we forget to cherish our family and partners,” a fan wrote. “One-sided commitment never works. It is a team effort. Lovely advice.”

While it is easy to talk the talk, it is much harder to walk the walk. But the advice that the Duggar family shared was fully embodied in their kids, who are now married and settled in with their romantic partners. Each of them shared on their Instagram just how much they cherish their spouses and how they are committed in their shared journey.

Joy-Anna Duggar shared a picture with her husband, Austin Forsyth, showing how their love for each other has increased as she nears her due date.

Jinger Duggar shared a cute picture of Jeremy Vuolo, writing about how she is looking forward to having him as an adoring father.

Jeremy, in turn, posted a picture of his wife, looking beautiful and classy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, @jingervuolo ????

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Jill Duggar showed how she not only sees her husband in real life but sees him on the screen every time she opens her phone.

Jessa Duggar shared a picture from one of her recent photoshoot sessions with Ben Seewald and wrote the longest caption out of all her sisters.

The new season of Counting On is set to premiere on February 26, 2018.