Prince Charles Left ‘Heartbroken’ By Camilla Parker Bowles Before He Wed Princess Diana

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It’s no secret that Prince Charles has always kept a special place in his heart for Camilla Parker Bowles. But long before they became man and wife, Charles was left heartbroken when she wed Andrew Parker Bowles in the 1970s. He was so distraught, in fact, that he refused to attend their wedding — despite being named godfather to their first son, Tom.

Charles made the decision to skip the wedding after enjoying a roller coaster romance with Camilla a summer prior to the wedding, reports U.K.’s Express. At the time, Camilla’s boyfriend, Andrew, was out of the country on military duty. But by the time Andrew returned and proposed to Camilla, Charles was off serving in the Navy.

Charles learned of the engagement while on a ship in Antigua and decided then and there that he would not be at the wedding.

“Charles did not attend Andrew and Camilla’s wedding four months later, claiming he was duty-bound to attend Independence Day celebrations elsewhere, but has was godfather to their first child, Tom,” author Gill Knappett wrote in his book.

Camilla and Andrew exchanged vows in a traditional Catholic wedding held in London at Guards’ Chapel in the summer of 1973. Queen Mother and Princess Anne were among the many in attendance.

Although Charles was left heartbroken, he developed a strong bond with both Camilla and Andrew over the years. They grew so close, in fact, that Charlies was named the godfather to the couple’s first boy.

Charles would go on to marry Princess Diana, but behind the scenes, he kept up his romance with Camilla. In fact, their affair eventually led to the demise of both their marriages. Camilla divorced Andrew in 1995 while Charles followed suit a year later.

Charles and Camilla did not get married until 2005 when they exchanged vows in a small wedding held at Windsor Guildhall. The two have been married for 12 years and are showing no signs of slowing down.

While Prince Charles and Camilla are getting ready to celebrate another anniversary this year, he is also getting ready to take on more responsibilities within the royal family as the first in line to the throne.

Charles’ titles will change once he becomes King of England, but he currently holds an astounding 18 different titles, including His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Knight of the Garter, Prince of Wales, Knight of the Thistle, Order of Merit, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Companion of the Queen’s Service Order, Knight of the Order of Australia, Aide-de-Camp, Privy Counsellor, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Carrick, Lord of the Isles, Baron of Renfrew and Great Steward of Scotland.

With Queen Elizabeth turning 92 this year, it’s only a matter of time before Prince Charles adds one more title to the list.

In the meantime, he has not commented on the reports about his romance with Camilla and decision to skip out on her first wedding.