Gwen Stefani Reveals How Blake Shelton Surprised Her For Valentine's Day, 'I'm Freaking Out!'

Emily Hutchinson

Gwen Stefani is revealing how boyfriend Blake Shelton surprised her for Valentine's Day this year, and giving fans a look at the sweet Valentine's card he sent to her in celebration of the holiday. Gwen didn't shy away when it came to showing the world how she spent February 14 on social media, as she posted a clip to Snapchat showing off just how Blake made her feel special and said that she was "freaking out" over his gift.

Gwen shared several videos and photos showing her getting a very special delivery from Blake this week, including one that showed her running through the house shouting "Somebody loves me!" after receiving a bouquet of flowers from the "I'll Name The Dogs" singer.

She also captioned the clip by calling herself the "Luckiest girl in the world" before adding, "@blakeshelton Love u for real."

Stefani then posted another video to her account while holding her youngest son, three-year-old Apollo, in her arms as she gushed about the stunning bouquet of flowers the country star sent to her on February 14.

"I just got the most incredible flowers," Stefani said in the Snapchat video, before turning the camera slightly to show a bouquet of pink flowers sitting on a table in her home while her mouth opened wide in shock over the gift.

Adding the hashtags #bragging, #valentines, and #blakeshelton to her video with a praying and several red heart emojis, Stefani continued, "Wow, Wow! I've never gotten flowers like that. I'm freaking out!"

Gwen then got even more personal with her fans by posting a photo to Snapchat which showed the contents of the card she received from Shelton, who will be returning to The Voice for Season 14 this year.

The photo Gwen shared showed that the sweet Valentine's card from her man read, "Have a great Valentine's Day! I love you! Blake."

Shelton didn't appear in any of the videos or photos Stefani shared with her fans on Valentine's Day which suggested that the two may not have been able to celebrate the romantic holiday together this year, likely due to work commitments.

Notably, Blake is on tour right now and will be performing in his home state of Oklahoma – where he regularly spends time with Stefani and her three boys - tonight (February 15).

Shelton recently opened up about how the latest search for talent when joking to Entertainment Tonight Canada that Kelly, in particular, has been pretty competitive so far.

"She is not fun to be in competition with, I can tell you that," Gwen Stefani's man said of the former American Idol winner's competitive side, per Taste of Country.

"It doesn't make it easier to be Kelly's friend going into this thing in a competitive nature," Blake continued, joking that Kelly will "definitely go for the throat."