Stormy Daniels On Donald Trump And Michael Cohen On Buying Her Silence

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Adult movie star Stormy Daniels claims that she had an affair with President Donald Trump. Daniels has been making headlines across the world since details of the affair with Trump emerged, and the story has caused waves in the White House because Daniels was paid “hush money” to remain silent about the affair. Yesterday, as reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, claimed that he paid Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket to buy Daniels’ silence. Cohen claims that he made the payment to “protect” President Trump.

Cohen’s strategy appears to have failed, because, according to Deadline, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, believes that her non-disclosure agreement is now “null and void.” Ms. Daniels’ manager, Gina Rodriguez, has reportedly been hawking Daniels story to media outlets as Stormy seeks to cash in on the affair with Trump. If Daniels does sell her story to the media it is likely to build on an interview that Stormy did with In Touch back in 2011.

In that interview, Daniels spilled on the details of the affair, claiming that she first met Donald Trump during a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2006. This was shortly after President Trump married current with Melania. Daniels claimed that she was invited to Trump’s room where she had dinner with him before they had unprotected sex. This was just months after Melania Trump had given birth to their son, Barron Trump.

Stormy Daniels Donald Trump Michael Cohen sex scandal
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Donald Trump Wouldn’t Stop Talking About Himself And His Picture On A Magazine Cover According To Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels claims that she and Donald Trump “hung out” for several hours before having sex. Daniels relates how Trump obsessed over his hair, and that he wouldn’t stop talking about his picture on the cover of a magazine.

“He kept showing me he was on the cover of a magazine that had just come out and it was some sort of money magazine.”

“He was very full of himself like he was trying to impress me or something. But I do remember he just kept talking about this magazine that he was on the cover of, like, ‘look at this magazine, don’t I look great on the cover’?”

Daniels claims that when she returned from the bathroom in Trump’s suite he called her over and they started kissing. This, she alleges, led to them having sex. Daniels claims that whilst she was having sex with Trump, all she could think about was whether he thought she was a hooker and whether he would offer to pay her.

“I actually don’t even know why I did it but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, ‘Please don’t try to pay me.’ And then I remember thinking, ‘but I bet if he did, it would be a lot’.”

“So anyway, the sex was nothing crazy. He wasn’t like, chain me to the bed or anything. It was one position. I can definitely describe his junk perfectly if I ever have to.”

It is worth noting that In Touch claims that Stormy Daniels and two people who corroborated her story all took and passed polygraph tests.

Will Paying Off Stormy Daniels Hurt President Trump

Donald Trump’s supporters will doubtless question whether it matters that he had an extra-marital affair over a decade ago. Trump would hardly be the first man to have sexual relations with a woman other than his wife. The issue has developed into a scandal because she was paid for her silence.

Stormy Daniels Donald Trump Michael Cohen sex scandal
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When Michael Cohen made his statement claiming to be the one who paid off Daniels he took a very unusual step. As reported by CNN, $130,000 is a pretty large chunk of change to be paid out by someone who gained no personal benefit from the transaction.

It is worth noting that Cohen chose his words very carefully. Remember that Cohen is a lawyer who served as Trump’s personal attorney for over a decade, so it’s perhaps worth noting exactly what he did say, and what he didn’t. As reported by Time magazine, Cohen’s statement said that he “facilitated” the payment to Daniels

“In a private transaction in 2016, I used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford [Stormy Daniels].”

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly. The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

The language used by Cohen is interesting in exactly how specific it is, and because of his use of the word “facilitated.” To facilitate means to enable, to make something easier, to help, and to assist. If Cohen merely “facilitated” the payment to Daniels, this suggests that the payment was made on behalf of a third person.

Here’s What President Trump’s Lawyer Didn’t Say

You may note that Mr. Cohen is also very specific when he claims that “neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction” and neither reimbursed him. This would appear to negate claims that Trump campaign funds were used to pay off Daniels. If campaign funds had been used in this way then that would be illegal, and the Federal Election Commission is currently investigating whether that was the case.

Stormy Daniels Donald Trump Michael Cohen sex scandal
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As an experienced lawyer, Cohen appears to have chosen his word carefully, but what he does not say is also interesting. As reported by CNN, when Cohen says that “neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign” was involved when Stormy Daniels was paid off, he does not say that President Trump wasn’t personally involved.

Michael Cohen would be strictly accurate in his statement, but he noticeably doesn’t claim that he didn’t “facilitate” President Trump, or a member of his family paying off Stormy Daniels. One thing seems clear the scandal around Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels isn’t over yet.