Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Headed For Divorce According To ‘In Touch’ [Rumors]

The divorce rumors about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are really heating up. Carrie has been through a lot lately after a big fall that injured her wrist and left her having to get stitches on her face. Now, In Touch Weekly shared that there are rumors that Mike and Carrie are close to a divorce.

A source for the publication is claiming that, just like any couple, these two have their issues and that Carrie is now at the “breaking point” in their marriage. As the source explained, these two have had to be apart a lot during their relationship. Mike is a professional hockey player who just went back to the game. Carrie has been out on tour a lot over the years. The source is saying that Carrie doesn’t want this at all. Hopefully, the couple can figure out a way to work it out. If they both want their marriage to work, then it would be great if they can just work through their issues.

So far, Mike and Carrie have made it seem like she is all for him going back into hockey, but the source says that Carrie thought she would have more time with him once he retired. That won’t be the case now, it appears. He is going back to playing which will keep him busy. It would be really sad for everyone if Carrie and Mike can’t find a way to work it out. Of course, the fans are rooting for them.

There have been some rumors that Carrie and Mike were expecting, but the source shared that they have been trying without any luck. With Mike on the road again, that would make her getting pregnant a lot harder for the couple. They already have one child at home, 2-year-old son Isaiah. If they did end up having another baby, that could just give them one more reason to try and work it out.

For now, fans are going to have to wait for Carrie and Mike to share about the rumors. These two are usually pretty quiet about their personal issues. Unless they actually file for divorce, it would be shocking that they would speak out about what is going on with them.