Kate Middleton Allegedly Wants To Name One Of The Twins After Diana, Reports 'Life & Style'

Kensington Palace first confirmed Kate Middleton's third pregnancy in September of last year, and since then, the public has been coming up with their own theories regarding the baby's gender and name. One of the latest rumors surrounding Kate Middleton's pregnancy is that she's having twins.

Life & Style's source revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to twins in April. Kate Middleton is said to be pregnant with identical twins -- two princesses, the source revealed. Not only that, the news outlet stated that Kate hopes to honor Princess Diana by naming one of the twins after her.

The magazine went on to report, citing a royal insider, that Middleton was the one who suggested the idea of naming one of their babies after the late princess, to which Prince William agreed. For him, naming one child Diana would be the perfect tribute to his mother.

The royal parents don't plan on having the twin girls names rhyme or have the same first letter, as most twin children have, the royal insider added. Kate and William have yet to finalize the names, but they reportedly narrowed down the name choices to Victoria, Olivia, Alexandra, Elizabeth, and Alice for the other twin.

Kate Middleton wants to honor princess Diana by naming her child after her.

Speculation on names for Kate Middleton's baby (or babies) doesn't stop, with Alice and Victoria as popular choices, according to Elle UK. But there's one classic name that the royal parents are expected to give their child, who's more likely to be a girl. The next royal baby is believed to carry the classic name Mary, which is a name that's very common in the British monarchy.

While some have voted for the more classic name suggestions, others have also come up with unusual names for the next royal baby. Just last year, a Twitter trend on unusual royal baby names was launched.

Kate Middleton's twin pregnancy has been a persistent rumor as of late, but this has not been confirmed. There has yet to be any evidence that the duchess is carrying twins. But if she's indeed going to give birth to female identical twins, Prince William has already made his reaction known.

Prince William earlier joked that taking care of twins will mean his "mental health would be tested." At the recent Centrepoint Award ceremony, the royal revealed that he's trying to get some sleep before the baby arrives in April because having more children would be a handful.

"Two is fine I don't know how I'm going to cope with three, I'm going to be permanently tired."