Melania Trump’s Silence Noted As Stormy Daniels Claims She’s Free To Tell Her Story, Reports ‘Business Insider

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Many eyes are on Melania Trump today after Donald Trump’s rumored payment to an adult film star took on a whole new life in the headlines. It looks as though a can of worms may have been opened with the shocking reveal by Trump’s lawyer after all these weeks of denial.

The Stormy Daniels saga seemed to wane a little in the headlines, that is until Trump’s lawyer dropped the bombshell that reveals he did, in fact, pay the former adult film star hush money. Michael Cohen, who is one of Trump’s top lawyers, admitted that he did pay Stormy the reported $130,000 back in 2016 when Trump was just a stone’s throw away from the White House.

Cohen claims he did this on his own accord, claiming that “neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” reports the Business Insider. Stormy Daniels is a stage name and the real name of the former adult film star is Stephanie Clifford.

According to the BBC News, Stormy Daniels has declared, through her manager, that she is now free to tell her story. This is an alleged story that appears to have been swirling under the umbrella of rumors for a few weeks now after her long-ago interview emerged allegedly spilling the beans. Stormy was bound to a non-disclosure agreement, but with Cohen openly acknowledging the payment, she feels that disclosure agreement is now null and void, leaving her a wide-open podium for her story-telling, according to the BBC.


Shortly after the story first broke due to a long-ago interview that Stormy gave to a tabloid suddenly surfacing, Melania Trump was noted as being a bit standoffish from her husband. She canceled a trip to Switzerland on short notice after she had planned to accompany her husband. She was reportedly seen swiping her hand away from Donald Trump and walking a good distance away from him when seen together in the days following that story. She even celebrated Trump’s first year in the White House without a mention of her husband’s name with a tweet she sent out to the masses.

While all these things may have happened, the reason behind them is unknown. Did it just look as if Melania rejected the hand of her husband and was she walking a distance away from him for a reason other than the suggestions of “revenge” noted by several media outlets, including Mercury News?

It was the night before Valentine’s Day when Cohen revealed his contribution to Stormy. Today neither Melania, or her husband, are sharing a term of endearment for each other, suggests the Business Insider. They note how other politicians are taking the time to celebrate the day with their spouses, but Melania and Donald Trump have been “notably silent.”


Once the original rumored story broke and Melania went to Florida alone after canceling her trip to Switzerland, people took notice of a quiet and less visible first lady. Melania stayed pretty much out of the public eye during that time. Even when she went to the Holocaust Museum, the White House press corps was not allowed to tag along.

The only pictures from that visit came from her assistant, with no press photographer present, according to an article by USA Today. Business Insider is suggesting a correlation between Melania Trump and Donald Trump’s social media silence when it comes to Valentine’s Day tweets to a possible problem now that Cohen has admitted to paying Stormy.

According to the BBC, the lawyer reports that the money came from his “personal funds” and was “not reimbursed directly or indirectly by the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign,” but this “leaves open the possibility that he was compensated by other parties – including Mr. Trump himself,” suggests Business Insider. Melania Trump now has another round of these alleged affair stories to go through. It is not known why Trump’s lawyer suddenly decided to come clean about that payment and Donald Trump has not commented about this as of yet.

Stormy Daniels’s manager has already reported that she is ready to tell her story with the contract allegedly broken by Cohen’s disclosure. So it sounds as if there is much more about this to come. It also sounds like Stormy just got another 15 minutes of fame for herself with Cohen’s latest reveal. Will this bring another round of humiliation for Melania Trump?