Trump's Domestic Violence Statement Gets Cheers And Jeers On Twitter [Video]

President Donald Trump has finally spoken out against domestic violence, after mounting pressure swirled about regarding the White House's response to the Rob Porter scandal, as reported by the Washington Post. As reported by the Hill, Trump broke his silence on Wednesday, February 14 -- Valentine's Day -- in order to claim his opposition to domestic violence, going on to say that it was a statement that didn't need to be said. Trump also claimed that everyone already knew that he was against domestic violence of any kind.

"I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. Everyone knows that and it almost wouldn't even have to be said. So now you hear it, but you all know it."
Trump's talk about domestic violence came after reporters shouted questions, asking President Trump why he hadn't spoken out about domestic violence. As seen in the below video, which is also embedded in the article titled "Trump Waves Off Domestic Violence As Something He Has 'Always Been Against'" from Crooks and Liars, Trump answered the question that was previously ignored, also seen in the below video from CNN. That video, titled "Trump ignores Rob Porter questions during infrastructure meeting," was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday and received more than 2,000 views.

After claiming he was against all forms of domestic violence, Trump told journalists at the White House that they all know he's against domestic violence, but now they've heard it from him officially. Trump didn't appear to mention the specific allegations from Porter's ex-wives. On Twitter, the term "Trump domestic violence" has become a suggested search term coupled with Trump's name, indicating a popular topic.

As reported by Laura Figueroa, a White House reporter from Newsday, Trump's words about domestic violence in her pool report echo what was said on video. However, Trump is getting a varied response from social media users in the wake of his statement about domestic violence.

President Trump found himself answering the question about domestic violence in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Trump was conducting a working session about opportunity zones provided by tax reform, but the topic turned to domestic violence.