WWE News: Huge Update On Possible Return Of Injured Superstar

When WWE superstars fall to injury, the timetables for their return are many times exaggerated by the company to allow the wrestlers plenty of time to get back into ring shape and avoid further injuries. It also allows the WWE to bring them back as a surprise, such as when John Cena returned months early from a torn pec to win the Royal Rumble as a surprise 30th entrant in 2008. When it comes to the recent injury by Big Cass on Monday Night Raw, the original diagnosis was a torn ACL. The length of time the WWE reported that Big Cass would miss was up to nine months.

What Is The Estimate On Big Cass WWE Return?

The news comes courtesy of PWInsider, who reports that Big Cass has been training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida since his rehab started following his ACL surgery. The big news is that Big Cass is walking around the training facilities without any assistance, and it looks like he has remained in great shape.

The Big Cass injury took place in August 2017 when he fought his former tag team partner Enzo Amore on an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. It was a freak accident where Big Cass charged him and Enzo moved, causing Big Cass to go over the top rope and to the floor.

When Big Cass landed on the floor, his leg hit wrong and twisted, tearing the ACL. While he was in great pain, Big Cass tried to work through the end of the match, returning to the ring and hitting a bodyslam on Enzo. Big Cass told the referee he was hurt, but when he tried to hit his Empire Elbow to end the match, he fell and couldn’t continue.

Big Cass underwent surgery by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama, days after suffering the injury. The WWE reported at the time that ringside WWE’s Dr. Chris Robinson estimated the recovery time was looking like nine months.

What Will Big Cass Do Upon His Return?

It has officially been less than six months since Big Cass underwent his surgery. The reports indicate that while he has been training at the WWE Performance Center, Big Cass has not taken any bumps in the ring yet. Once the WWE gives him a medical clearance to take bumps, he will start working his way back.

The estimated WWE return date for Big Cass would have been in May. With WrestleMania coming up on April 8, and the news that Big Cass looks almost ready to return, he could be back just in time to start the new year for the WWE.

When Big Cass fell, he was in the middle of the first singles push of his career. Since the WWE fired Enzo Amore, he won’t have that feud to return to, so the WWE might look at pushing him into a mid-card feud until he proves he is fully recovered from his ACL injury.