Bethenny Frankel’s Estranged Mother Wants To Help Jason Hoppy Remove Bryn From Her Life

Jason KempinGetty Images for City Harvest

Bethenny Frankel may have filmed two reality shows for Bravo over the past year, but there are some things she’s keeping to herself. The Real Housewives of New York star is very protective of her daughter, Bryn, who has only been featured on Bethenny Ever After as a baby and a toddler. Since her divorce from Jason Hoppy, Bethenny hasn’t filmed that part of her life. She has revealed that she really wants people to see her as a mother, but Jason doesn’t want Bryn involved with any reality show. Ever since Jason was charged with stalking and harassing Bethenny last year, she is going after their daughter. She wants full custody of her daughter.

This is something that Bethenny isn’t sharing with the world. The news has only surfaced in the press because it is something she’s doing legally and papers need to be filed. While Bethenny may be able to provide for her daughter, it sounds like Jason may have someone in his corner in this custody battle. According to a new report from Celebrity Insider, Bethenny Frankel’s estranged mother wants to help Jason get Bryn back in his care so Bethenny doesn’t get full custody of Bryn.

It’s no secret that Bethenny Frankel and her mother have been estranged for years. Bethenny talked about how volatile her relationship was with her mother. Bryn doesn’t know her as a grandmother, and Frankel was furious after her mother tried to take credit for her Skinnygirl margarita. Bethenny’s mother is willing to listen to Jason’s case to see what he has against her daughter. If she feels he has a strong case against Frankel, she will gladly support him and do whatever it takes for him to get custody of his daughter. Right now, the two share custody of Bryn, but Frankel wants Bryn to herself after the stalking charges against Hoppy. It’s possible that she has more damning evidence against her ex-husband.

Bethenny Frankel is currently keeping busy with her business and The Real Housewives of New York. It’s possible she won’t open up about the custody case on the show, as she wants to protect her daughter.