'My 600-LB Life' James Bonner Weight-Loss Pictures: In One Of Show's Best Stories, L.B. Drops Half His Weight

James Bonner came to My 600-LB Life with a lifetime of eating disorders and devastating ailments. However, after the South Carolina man was able to lose half of his body weight, fans are anxious to see some weight-loss pictures to document the journey.

They are in luck, with some early photos already leaking showing his body transformation.

On the February 14 episode of the TLC docu-series, Bonner shared the story of his fractured childhood where food became an emotional crutch for his struggles. As the Daily Mail noted, Bonner had a favorite aunt growing up who would give him whatever food he wanted. When she died just before his ninth birthday, James started to rely on food to cope with his emotions.

The South Carolina man continued to gain weight and tipped the scales at 150 pounds by the time he was 8-years-old, then continued to suffer major setbacks. James was a talented athlete in high school despite his weight, but he suffered an ACL injury and then fell into drinking and partying, ultimately dropping out of school, the Lexington Ledger reported. When he was 25, James got into an ATV accident that forced doctors to amputate his leg. At age 29, by the time he appeared on My 600-LB Life, Bonner's health and his life are at risk if he is not able to lose weight.

James was in desperate need of a change, and it appears that My 600-LB Life has brought it. The Lexington Ledger reported that he was able to lose half of his weight -- hundreds of pounds in all -- thanks to lap band surgery, a new diet and exercise regimen, and an end to destructive eating and alcohol abuse habits.

Those looking for weight-loss pictures from James Bonner after My 600-LB Life will be in luck. The Lexington Ledger posted a before-and-after view of the man, with James looking happier, healthier -- and much thinner in his photo taken after his appearance on the TLC series. More weight-loss pictures of James B. can be found on TLC's official page for My 600-LB Life, with shots usually added within a day after the episode has first aired.