Melania Trump Holds #MeToo Sign In Street Art Graffiti Stencil, Gets 28,646 Likes On Olivia Wilde’s Instagram

A screened paper stencil portraying First Lady Melania Trump in a mocked-up graffiti stance holding a #MeToo sign that was posted to the Instagram account of actress Olivia Wilde has gotten plenty of attention. Within 17 hours of being posted to the social networking site, it has received nearly 30,000 likes and nearly 300 comments. As seen below, Wilde posted the photo that shows the famous powder blue outfit that Melania wore on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Friday, January 20, 2017.

More than one year later, Olivia captured a photo of Melania plastered on the side of some apparatus similar to an electrical power box on a dirty street, with Melania’s eyes appearing blacked out, with the stencil art mocked up on the street to show Melania holding a #MeToo sign. The “street art” or “street commentary,” as it were, isn’t the first time that Melania has been targeted for not addressing the #MeToo movement.

Actress Meryl Streep criticized Melania and Ivanka Trump for not speaking up about sexual harassment, as reported by TMZ. Streep gained both backlash and support for questioning Melania’s stance on sexual harassment and now it appears Olivia is garnering a similar response on social media. Although Olivia didn’t include a caption to her Instagram photo and merely posted a mocked-up poster of Melania that she apparently saw on the street, some folks are accusing Wilde of bullying Melania.

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Others are calling the portrayal of Melania “gold” or “messed up,” in the mixed bag of comments that Olivia is receiving on Instagram. Within the hundreds of comments flowing into Wilde’s page, some are writing that they “love the expression of art.”

Other commentators are arguing with one another in the comments section, as one person told another to “worry about their own president” up in Canada, while the Canadian explained that they don’t have presidents in Canada, but prime ministers. One individual claimed they saw the same mocked-up image of Melania holding the #MeToo sign on Lookout Mountain Avenue, with a different view of the same photo shown, with claims that the same photo was spotted in Laurel Canyon in California. The Instagram account appears to be that of the artist, or one that reposted the artist, as seen below in a video showing how he created the screened paper stencil. One of the hashtags used on the photo of the street art of Melania reads that “she works hard for the money” along with the #MeToo hashtag.

With Wilde’s 2.7-million strong following on Instagram, the street art is getting loads of attention.