Mackenzie Standifer Appearing More On ‘Teen Mom OG’ And Viewers Call Her An ‘Awful’ And ‘Horrible’ Person

Mackenzie Standifer seemed to slowly take over Ryan Edwards’ spot on Teen Mom OG when the two started dating. While she remained passive during her first season, she seemed to share her opinions about Maci Bookout, their custody agreement, and even how their lives together were going to unfold. Needless to say, many people feel that Mackenzie is controlling and she’s using Ryan Edwards’ fame in the spotlight for money. She has a son of her own, who has been featured on Teen Mom OG. While Maci Bookout has revealed she’s not a big fan of how Mackenzie handled the drug-related drama last season, she does like that Bentley has a stepmother.

Maci Bookout may be willing to overlook some of Mackenzie’s flaws, it appears that Teen Mom OG viewers are not so forgiving. Over the past two seasons, Standifer has told Ryan what to do, married him while he was clearly under the influence, pushed him to do things like photo shoots, and she even disrespected his MTV contract by removing the cameras from his vehicle when she didn’t want to be filmed. According to new tweets from Teen Mom OG viewers, Mackenzie Standifer isn’t a fan favorite and many aren’t thrilled with the idea of her getting even more airtime.

“I never thought I’d say this…..but Mackenzie is worst than Farrah Abraham! I like Farrah now after watching Mackenzie this season. I have so many not nice words. She is instigating so much. How do they not all see that?! She is a horrible person,” one fan of Teen Mom OG wrote, while another added, “She really is an awful person. I can’t stand her voice… everything was going pretty smooth until she came into the picture spreading her hate.”

Of course, Mackenzie Standifer is indeed a young mother, as she also has a son. But since she’s not a part of the original Teen Mom OG stars, many fans feel that she’s intruding. Plus, since she has already been accused of using Ryan Edwards and even her son as means for a paycheck, the thought of her getting a financial reward for her time on MTV is not something fans support. Over the past couple of weeks, Farrah Abraham has revealed that she was fired from MTV. While MTV has yet to comment on this story, it sounds like fans are already revealing that they do not want Mackenzie to take over her spot on the show. In fact, Farrah may not be relatable but viewers would prefer her over Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Standifer has yet to say whether she plans on filming even more for Teen Mom OG despite viewers’ criticisms of her.