‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Finds Schnabel And Rick Ness In Guyana Hunting For ‘El Dorado’

Discovery Channel

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is returning for a second season, starting on March 30. This time, the scrappy team is mining for gold in the South American jungle, old-school style, without the heavy machinery.

Schnabel and Rick Ness will be seeking the legendary El Dorado, where there is a tantalizing 21st century gold rush going on now in search of the “Mountain of Gold.”

Parker Schnabel loves a challenge and he certainly enjoys beating Todd Hoffman, so perhaps Season 2 of Parker’s Trail will prove to Gold Rush fans that he can go to Guyana and get a lot more gold than the Hoffman crew ever did in Guyana, or anywhere else for that matter.

According to Monsters and Critics, returning on this adventure besides Parker’s right hand man, Rick Ness, is nature guide Karla Ann, who was on the first season of the show, and also once drove a rock truck for Schnabel. New this season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is cameraman Sam Brown.

Missing from Season 2 of Parker’s Trail is cameraman James Levelle. Parker told People that they did not “see eye to eye.” Parker had “quite a few issues” with Levelle and some of the “things he did.” After the team returned from the Alaskan wilderness, Parker never spoke to the Brit ever again.

In the second season, Schnabel will “leave the heavy mining equipment behind,” explains the Hollywood Reporter. Parker will be learning how to mine for “gold by hand” and “using only basic tools” just as miners did before 1898, when gold mining was not yet mechanized.

Just as the Hoffman crew did before them, the Schnabel crew will be dealing with the elements including the intense heat, the dense jungle, and the humongous bugs.


There is more than just some large bugs! This is a region filled with venomous snakes, “spiders the size of softballs,” jaguars, and “ravenous caiman.”

The crew will also be fishing for piranha, presumably to eat. Piranhas have “razor-sharp teeth” and could be dangerous to fish.

Traversing the landscape also means that they will be crossing over dangerous white water rapids and waterfalls in their search for the “Mountain of Gold.” The Hollywood Reporter also hints that something quite dangerous or exciting happens, as they mention that the “last leg of their journey was something that not one of them ever expected.”

Will Parker and his pals withstand the dangers of Guyana long enough to get some gold? Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail begins on March 30 on Discovery.