Britt McHenry 'Trolls' SI Swimsuit Model For Posing Nude -- Paige Spiranac's Naked Pose Sparks Online Spar

Roz Zurko

It is that time of year again when the Sports Illustrated scantily-clad swimsuit models emerge online in the much-anticipated photos from some exotic beach. A few of those models are making the headlines today for baring it all. It seems that Britt McHenry has taken some issue with the Sports Illustrated models who are posing nude.

According to Maxim, McHenry host-reporter was not naming names at first, but it appears she had golfer and swimsuit model Paige Spiranac in her scope and Spiranac replied. Maxim describes McHenry as now joining the "droves of lame internet trolls who won't stop harassing golfer and swimsuit model Paige Spiranac for taking sexy photos."

McHenry once worked over at ESPN, but she was let go shortly after footage of her surfaced "verbally abusing" a parking lot attendant, according to Maxim. In that video she wasn't very nice to that attendant, even acting somewhat condescending when it came to her job vs. the attendant's workplace. That video clip of McHenry went viral at the time it caused a backlash for the reporter. You can view that video at the bottom of this article.

The New York Post reports that it was only hours after the Sports Illustrated swimsuit-clad models were unveiled for the 2018 edition that McHenry started her crusade. The picture starting this hoopla over Paige posing nude can be viewed here on social media. McHenry tweeted:

"Why does a woman have to pose nude to feel 'empowered'? Isn't it more empowering to keep your clothes on, go into an office or classroom like everyone else and excel? #SISwimSuit desperately wanting to compete with IG models with gimmicks."

"For me to respect women more, maybe women shouldn't take all their clothes off in the guise of pushing #MeToo."
"Different women feel empowered in different ways and it's not right to tell someone what they can and cannot do. It's more about the person you are and not the clothes you decide or not decide to wear. My body, my choice."

Spiranac let it go, but McHenry did not and she dredged up some old wounds for Paige when it came to her professional struggles. She reminded the golfer how "she cried" at a press conference because she didn't think she was taken seriously when it came to golf.

McHenry then went into her own background saying how she too once modeled, but she didn't have a need to strip down to nothing when doing so. She also shared that she has no need to become a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as she already has a career, one that doesn't entail posing nude.

The two women had their say in the public venue of Twitter. There were plenty of comments for both arguments offered up by other Twitter users as well.

Editor's note: this story previously mistakenly identified Britt McHenry as a reporter for Fox News.