Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Turns To Ex As Brad Pitt & Theroux Skip Birthday, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Jennifer Aniston recently celebrated her birthday with help from her friends. And while the Friends alum appreciates her pals, her current husband, Justin Theroux, and ex-husband, Brad Pitt, reportedly missed out on the celebration. But Aniston allegedly didn’t lack for a man in her life on her birthday, with an insider telling Radar Online that Jennifer turned to her ex-boyfriend Gerard Butler.

“As her marriage to Justin Theroux spirals toward a $225 million divorce, Jennifer Aniston has turned to hunky ex-boyfriend Gerard Butler for comfort.”

The source, identified as someone close to Aniston, revealed that Jennifer and Justin’s marriage continues to crumble. As a result, Aniston reportedly has increasingly “leaned on” Gerard.

Justin Theroux Reportedly “Missing” As Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Birthday

The insider claimed that Theroux and Aniston’s marriage is disintegrating. One sign of trouble reportedly occurred in December, when the two fought at their California mansion. Justin allegedly was seen “storming out” before heading to a hotel in Beverly Hills.

In the wake of that alleged fight, Jennifer’s husband was not even in town when Aniston celebrated her birthday. Instead, according to the International Business Times, Justin Theroux was “missing” because he opted to attend New York Fashion Week. But while Theroux was away, Jennifer’s gal pals came through for her, with one sharing a photo of the group on Instagram.

#happybirthday to my sister from another mother #jenniferaniston ❤️u so much!

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Gerard Butler Reportedly “Thrills” Jennifer Aniston

In addition to getting support from her girlfriends on her birthday, Jennifer reportedly is enjoying the attention from Gerard Butler, according to Radar Online’s insider.

“It seems like Jen has turned to Gerard to fill the void left by Justin.”

The source called it “no coincidence” that while Aniston’s marriage allegedly is falling apart, Butler has “made a public display of affection and loyalty toward her.” During a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Butler even announced that he views Jennifer Aniston as a better kisser than Angelina Jolie. Jennifer reportedly is “thrilled” with the attention that she is receiving from Gerard, added the insider.

“She’s really touched that Gerard is proving he has her back,” said the source.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler reportedly have reunited amid her alleged marriage problems with Justin Theroux.

Butler and Aniston reportedly reunited several months ago when she began “butting heads” with Theroux, according to the insider. After they reconnected, Gerard allegedly told Jennifer that he continued to have romantic feelings for her.

Although the “timing” didn’t work out for them when they first dated, Butler reportedly revealed that he is “ready” to try again. The indication from Gerard that he wants to commit to Aniston comes as her marriage to Justin is “imploding,” added the source.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Rumors Soar On Her Birthday

While Justin Theroux reportedly was “missing” on Jennifer’s birthday, some wondered if Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt (with whom she reportedly recently reunited) would come through for her. One report even claimed that Brad Pitt “surprised” Jennifer on her birthday, reported Gossip Cop, which investigated the rumor.

The report claimed that Pitt and Aniston dined together in Los Angeles prior to her birthday. Brad even reportedly brought Jennifer a ring and “proposed” to her that they create a business together. The business supposedly would involve their shared “passion for interior design and architecture.”

The insider quoted by the publication also said that Pitt and Aniston are “just mates” who have spent “a lot of time together,” adding that Brad “couldn’t have come back into her life at a better time.” However, from that allegedly secret pre-birthday dinner to the proposal to create a business together, Gossip Cop’s sources said that the claims are not true. Brad and Jennifer did not share a secret birthday dinner together.