'Vikings' Season 6 Spoilers: Here Are The Major Survivors Of Lagertha And Ivar's Civil War

The long wait for Vikings Season 5B certainly has fans wondering about the future, but the cast and crew of the History series are evidently too busy to ponder about their destiny. Production for Vikings Season 6 is currently underway and unlike the stars of Game of Thrones, the show's actors are not too worried about keeping everything a secret. In fact, anyone who has been following Katheryn Winnick's Instagram account is already aware that certain characters will be back in the next season.

The Vikings Season 5 mid-season finale saw the death of two major characters as well as several extras. Unfortunately, this means that Halfdan and Astrid will not return in the back end of the current season. In addition to that, Ivar the Boneless seems hellbent on killing off more people including Lagertha. Although it seems likely that the Queen of Kattegat will fall victim to Ragnar Lothbrok's crippled son, Ivar will fail to defeat Lagertha's allies in Vikings Season 6.

Katheryn Winnick has been posting interesting updates on her directorial debut, which is an episode in Vikings Season 6. Winnick's recent pictures feature Georgia Hirst taking pointers from the director. It looks like Torvi will survive to see another day after Vikings Season 5.

Torvi has certainly seen her share of conflicts in the first half of Vikings Season 5. After being rejected by Bjorn, she found a connection with Ubbe. Unfortunately, things took a dark turn for Torvi when her first-born son was killed in the battlefield. Hopefully, Torvi is set for a better life in Vikings Season 6.

Georgia Hirst is not the only actor who has appeared in the Vikings Season 6 pictures. Marco Ilso is set to return as Hvitserk and Alexander Ludwig will continue to portray Ragnar Lothbrok's eldest son.

Bjorn is also shown being directed by his on-screen mother Katheryn Winnick in a separate Instagram post. Interestingly, fans have taken notice that Winnick is not in costume while directing her co-stars. This has led to speculations that Lagertha will be assassinated by Ivar the Boneless in Vikings Season 5B.

Who will survive and who will be killed in the ongoing civil war? Find out when Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 premieres on History later this year.