NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins To Broncos Move Being Pushed By Von Miller, According to 'Yahoo Sports'

Among the biggest NFL rumors of the offseason is the speculation involving which team former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will join. Right now, one of the frontrunners to get Cousins is the Denver Broncos, who also happen to have a high draft pick. One Broncos player, in particular, has made it no secret that he wants Cousins to join the team too. That player is former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller who is pushing the idea of Cousins being one of his teammates. Here's the latest on what the Denver linebacker has been doing in his effort to get Cousins on board.

On Monday, Shalise Manza Young of Yahoo Sports' Shutdown Corner mentioned that the Denver Broncos' Miller continues to make his pitch to Cousins using social media. Miller has mostly done his online recruiting through comments on Instagram, something that wasn't even a thing until recently when it came to recruiting. The first instance came as Miller let Cousins know on his Instagram post he also enjoys eating a good bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats or Cracklin' Oat Bran. Miller mentioned that he was "raised eating both"kinds of cereal to which Cousins replied with his approval of Miller's breakfast habits.

In another Instagram post, Cousins showed off a rainbow from a beach scene taken in Grand Cayman. He captioned it "Love a good rainbow" with a commenter saying that Von Miller probably does too. The Denver Broncos linebacker clearly does as he later replied to verify that comment saying if Kirk loves them, so does he. It's clear Miller wants to show Cousins he is a fan of his in general no matter what he posts. Next up could be video games or power tools.

The courting of Kirk Cousins goes beyond respecting someone who enjoys breakfast cereals and rainbows, though, as Von Miller realized his team is in desperate need of an upgrade at the quarterback position. This past season, Trevor Siemian ranked 27th in the NFL in passing yards, which had him just above rookie Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears. He ranked below Trubisky on the rating stat and was in the top five this past season in terms of interceptions thrown while ranking No. 12 in times he was sacked. As a team, Denver was No 20 in the league in terms of their passing offense.

The Broncos went just 5-11 last season and will have the No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft 2018 where some speculate that could take a quarterback such as Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, or Baker Mayfield, depending on who is picked above the fifth spot. As ESPN's Jeff Legwold recently wrote, the Broncos' John Elway is continuing to try to find the "next Peyton Manning." Whether or not that's Kirk Cousins remains to be seen, but Von Miller is certainly giving his stamp of approval via "Likes," and comments.