Topless Kate Upton Hit With Huge Wave And Swept Off Jagged Rock During ‘SI’ Swimsuit Shoot In Viral Video

Kate Upton took a nasty spill during her recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot when a huge wave knocked her off the jagged rock she had been posing on while topless. Upton, who has been on the cover of the SI Swimsuit edition three times in the past, said when she first climbed the rock and looked down, she had a feeling this might end badly.

She said during the interview that, standing on top of that rock, she “felt like I was laughing in the face of death.” You can view the video here, on the Sports Illustrated Instagram account, and you can see that Kate was scantily clad. This left much of her skin exposed to that rough rock on her way down.

In the video, which was taken in Aruba, a staff person comes running up the rock to grab Kate’s hand as he apparently saw the big wave on its way in behind the supermodel on the rock. As Fox News reports, the force of that wave knocked Kate right off her feet and she tumbles down into the water below.

A woman who appears to be another swimsuit model runs to Kate, who is face up in the water. The man who climbed up the rock to help Kate also lost his balance on the rock when the wave hit, but he managed to regain his balance and help Kate as well. The crew starts yelling expletives from behind the camera as others run to help her.

The fall looked rough as she appeared to scrape up against that jagged rock on her way down, but she got up and appeared fine — she’s even laughing about it a few moments after it happened.

Kate was topless at the time, but she had on bikini bottoms and a huge skirt. She said that the skirt got very heavy once it got wet and it dragged her down. She also said, “everybody was scared,” according to the Daily Mail.

The 25-year-old supermodel was watching the waves at the time and she was on the lookout for a big wave. She said that from her point of view, the wave didn’t look that big until it broke over the rock and washed her into the ocean water.

Despite Kate being topless at the time, nothing too revealing was caught on tape. Kate said in hindsight that it might have been a better idea to photoshop her on top of that rock. She did say that when she first laid eyes on that rock against the ocean backdrop, she could see the vision the photographers had in mind.