Man Proposes To Have Walt Disney World Legally Turned Into The 'City Of Disney'

It is no surprise that the area which is encompassed by Walt Disney World is incredibly large and is pretty much its own small city, but what if it really had one? While there are no official plans in the works and Disney hasn't even said anything, there is a fan who believes he knows a good move for the company. A man from Utah has come up with a proposal that recommends Central Florida actually create something called the "City of Disney."

Many already know about the community named Celebration as well as the neighborhood actually on WDW property called Golden Oak. These are not actual cities, though, and are simply included in the limits of Lake Buena Vista which encompasses Walt Disney World.

According to a new proposal on the official website for the state of Florida, a man named Loyal Millett thinks that Disney has everything in place to have their own city. His suggestion is that the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista be dissolved and reincorporated as the "City of Disney" in the future.

This proposal was sent to the Constitution Revision Commission which meets every two decades to see if changes need to be made to the constitution of the state. Public submissions were requested and are being taken into consideration.

walt disney world city of lake buena vista bay proposal

Now, some may wonder just what this proposal entails as it may be quite confusing to some, but the key parts are all there for the "City of Disney." Every bit of land that is considered "property" is owned by Disney and it is its own city in itself due to the actions of Walter Elias Disney.

Upon purchasing the land for WDW, Walt Disney negotiated with the state of Florida to have its own governing body which is called the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Reportedly, original plans of the late Disney were to build his own city that would be run under its own system of laws and regulations.

In some ways, he did accomplish that, but not to the extent of the ways he wanted before his death. The city of Celebration is now outside of Reedy Creek and sits in Osceola County, Florida.

Millett is an Uber driver from Salt Lake City, Utah, according to WDWNT, and simply believes his proposal has merit. When all was said and done, he had actually submitted more than 100 different proposals, but this one has stood out to the Disney fans of the world.

In order for Millett's proposal for the "City of Disney" to become a reality, it would still need to go through a number of additional steps. It needs to have the sponsorship of one commissioner as well as the approval of nine others. From there, it would go to a vote to determine a final ruling of approval or rejection. Walt Disney World truly appears to have everything in its own little bubble, but changing its name could make it more legit as its own city.