Damn you folks on Twitter are a chatty bunch

Steven Hodson

27.3 million Twitter messages per day - that's how much you guys are yakking out there on Twitter. With the 5 billionth Twitter message reportedly posted last month some suggest we could see an annual yakking rate of 10 billion Twitter messages a year.

Much of this data is courtesy of a recent report from Pingdom who studied Twitter traffic for a period of three weeks (October 21 to November 11) to find out things like Twitter messages per hour, per day, and when we posted messages the most.


- highest number of Twitter messages during the report time period: 1,841,289

- lowest number of messages during the report period: 566,854



The above graph is shifted to show US eastern time and clearly displays a dip during the night-time hours in the US. However as Brian Solis noted in his post on this, Comscore data shows that half of Twitter users live outside of the US. In this case the morning rise in Pingdom's data could also reflect afternoon and evening activity in Europe and other parts of the world.

Regardless all this data just goes to show we love nothing better than to be blathering at 140 characters and our love affair shows no signs of slowing down.