CataCoffin Coffin Sound System: Torture Your Dead Enemies With Justin Bieber Forever

COMMENTARY | Waking the dead is a common denouncement when someone is complaining about a stereo system being too noisy. But the CataCoffin coffin sound system might be capable of literally waking the dead.

The CataCoffin is a heavily customized wooden coffin that includes a built-in sound system. For the mere cost of $30,000 the dearly departed can be listening to their favorite music while six feet under. The included CataPlay application provides a 4G data connection from Spotify to allow living users to keep the play list up to date.

Digital Trends describes the hardware that will keep your loved ones rocking out in the grave:

“This high-tech solution for those who (let’s be honest) won’t really appreciate it involves putting a 2.5Ghz Intel core processor within the so-called CataTomb tombstone. It includes an upgradable music server with a 4G connection that wirelessly delivers the tunes to the CataCoffin six feet under, while a 7-inch display on the tombstone notes what song is currently being played down below.”

Gizmodo makes the point that “it seems like a lot of money and hassle for someone that’s going to be a pile of dust in a few months, but at least paying it off over a couple of years will help keep them in your memory.”

But it’s not just loved ones that may “benefit” from this eerie contraption. Perhaps you might enjoy laying your dead enemies down to rest with the promise that they will be tortured in death by endless loops of Justin Bieber’s song Baby