Stassi Schroeder’s Fans Encourage Her To Dump Patrick Meagher After His Statements During Her Birthday Party

Stassi Schroeder was excited to plan her birthday party on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, as she wanted a murder-themed party. Stassi admitted that she was curious about killers, murders and the eerie, so the theme seemed perfect for her. Even though her party was planned to perfection, it was her relationship that seemed to steal the show. Even though Schroeder had often bragged about how wonderful things were with her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, she dropped a bomb about him to fans during last night’s episode. She revealed that he had blocked her number while on his trip to Amsterdam after he refused her sexual advances via text messages.

As it turns out, Patrick revealed that he would allow Stassi to have sex with other guys but she wasn’t allowed to have an emotional connection with another man. In other words, Stassi could easily have gone out and slept with another person while he was traveling overseas as long as she didn’t get involved with a man on an emotional level. According to new tweets from fans, Stassi Schroeder is now getting plenty of encouragement from Vanderpump Rules viewers. They all want her to leave Patrick Meagher behind and not take him back if he comes crawling back.

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Several people compared Patrick to Jax Taylor. While Patrick may not have cheated on Stassi Schroeder, fans thought he was very disrespectful and she should move on and find someone else. Perhaps Schroeder hadn’t been honest about their relationship, as she seemed committed and he seemed to want an open relationship. While Schroeder didn’t open up about his comments on social media, it sounds like she understands why fans are angry with him. Even Stassi’s friends were upset and shocked at his comments, as they were convinced that they were going strong and staying committed. His decision to block her number seemed to start some unwanted drama that will eventually lead to their breakup. But Schroeder’s fans didn’t seem to mind, as they want her away from Patrick.

Stassi Schroeder is currently single and she doesn’t seem interested in getting back together with Patrick Meagher. Their relationship troubles and breakup will be featured on this season of Vanderpump Rules.