‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Robert Kirkman Says Rick Grimes Will Die, Reports ‘NME’

The Walking Dead fans are emotionally preparing themselves to say goodbye to a beloved character in the Season 8 mid-season premiere. Viewers will see the last scenes of Chandler Riggs, who plays one of the show’s youngest character, Carl Grimes. While Carl’s death will be hard for some fans to handle, the bad news seems to be continuing as the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, has confirmed that the lead character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will also be killed off of the show.

According to a Feb. 12 report by NME, Robert Kirkman dished on the future of The Walking Dead while sitting on a panel for the show during the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise. When asked if Rick Grimes will die during a future season of the show, Kirkman replied, “Yeah, of course,” shocking some fans in attendance. Kirkman seemed very confident in his answer and it looks like viewers will eventually be saying goodbye to Rick before the show ends its run.

However, Robert Kirkman wasn’t confident about what character could or would take over the lead role if and when Rick Grimes is killed off the series. The Walking Dead creator revealed he had no idea who could take over the lead role, and claimed it could even be a character that fans have yet to meet. He also said that Rick’s daughter, Judith, could end up being the leading lady of the series, which would likely have to far into the future as Judith is currently a very young child.

Many Walking Dead fans believed that it would be Carl Grimes who was left standing when all was said and done. However, Carl’s death is scheduled to happen in the new episode of The Walking Dead, which returns to AMC on Sunday, Feb. 25. Now, many fans have no idea what to expect, but viewers have come to learn that no character is safe from death, despite the show being based off of a comic book series that differs from the television version. Shocking deaths of characters such as Shane, Lori, Sophia, Hershel, Glenn, and more have stunned fans in the past.

It seems that only time will tell what lies ahead for Rick Grimes in future seasons of The Walking Dead.