Leah Messer Opens Up About 'Life-Changing Experience' And How Her Daughter Adalynn Is Involved

Leah Messer hasn't said much about what is going on in her life, as she's often rather silent on social media when she's filming Teen Mom 2. It's possible that she has a contract with MTV that says she can't share any specific details about the events of her life. However, it sounds like Leah and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert agreed that their daughter, Adalynn, could have a puppy. This week, Leah purchased a new car for herself, but it sounds like she also wanted her daughter to have something special for her. They discussed purchasing a dog on social media, and when Leah finally brought a dog home, she learned it was pregnant.

On Instagram, Leah opened up about what it was like to wake up to small puppies at her home. According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer reveals that it was fun to experience, but her daughter Adalynn grew close to the puppies. They agreed that they would give the puppies away to people who were looking for puppies, but that was emotional for Leah's daughter. She explained that Adalynn wanted to give the puppies a new home, and when a couple asked Adalynn to name one of the dogs, she was ecstatic. She chose to name the puppy, Sky Bella.

It's amazing to see that people can see how Adalynn is affected by how she has to give the puppies away. Instead of merely seeing it as a transaction where they get a puppy, these individuals saw how sad Adalynn was and allowed her to get involved in the naming process. Surely, this is something Leah is thrilled about as she can use this experience to teach her daughter some valuable lessons. Since Leah is currently filming Teen Mom 2, it's possible that her purchase of the dog and the birth of the puppies will be captured for the upcoming season. Kailyn Lowry recently shared a photo of herself with a camera crew, so it's possible that the girls are still filming with MTV.

Since Leah Messer now has a dog, fans should expect more photos of the adorable dog on her social media profiles.