Lisa Rinna Wears Tattoo-Art Bikini During Beach Getaway And Fans Beg Her For Fitness Secrets

Lisa Rinna is on a tropical vacation and showed fans the beautiful surroundings on Instagram of her wearing a tattoo-art bikini. The image comes just days after she shared a separate photo of her wearing a black bikini that mainly resembled a two-piece lingerie set.

The latest bikini image of Rinna has followers asking how she keeps in such incredible shape. She’s notorious for having a hard and fit physique. The 54-year-old captioned the photo, “Old School.” She added that the swimsuit was the design of tattoo artist, Ed Hardy.

Lisa rocked a black beach hat and a pair of sunglasses with her swimwear as she posed on the white sand with gorgeous turquoise water behind her. Aside from the many questions people were asking about where she was — which some believe is the Turks and Caicos — they wanted to know how she maintains such an amazing level of fitness.

One follower asked The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star what is she “really” does to look that good. Another commented that she looks better with age and would love to know her secret. Knowing that stars don’t always disclose their hidden secrets to staying thin, a fan wanted to know how she keeps such a flat stomach, adding that she wanted the “truth please.”

Old school. @officialedhardy swimsuit. ????

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A few weren’t as impressed with Rinna’s slender frame. Someone wrote she should eat a cheeseburger and another couldn’t understand why she keeps showing off her body on social media so much because she “looks like a toothpick.”

Lisa is seen on RHOBH making smoothies in her kitchen at times and is apparently one of her healthy eating staples. She told Bravo in November 2014 that she’s a “dirt vegan,” eating meat on occasion but mainly sticking with a plant-based diet. She also hates the word “diet” because the term is so restrictive it makes you “want to eat 10 times more.”

In September 2015, Rinna revealed what she does to stay fit on her website, She wrote that she usually does an hour of yoga, goes hiking, or has a Soul Cycle spin class. She likes to mix things up, but is “doing something 5-6 days a week, but really, I just do it when I can.”

When the actress and reality star travels, she enjoys walking or putting in a good workout at the hotel’s gym.