‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Uses Twitter To Smear Company Who Supposedly Fired Her

Many of the Teen Mom cast members participate in sponsorships to help keep the money flowing when they aren’t taping the show. From weight-loss teas to vitamins to sunglasses, most of the main cast members — and even some of the secondary cast members — have taken up sponsored ads.

Recently, Jenelle Evans worked with the company Blue Apron and was reportedly fired after fans claimed she was a drug addict and a bad influence. Now, the Teen Mom 2 star claims that she decided not to work with the brand because they were also working with her “nemesis,” Kailyn Lowry.

Although she has allegedly deleted the tweet that claimed she decided to stop working with Blue Apron because of Kailyn, she has now set out on a mission to smear the company. The reality star has spent most of the day retweeting those who have issues with the company, with anything from being sent the wrong food to not enough ingredients.

Jenelle Evans even retweeted those who said the company is a scam and seemingly has set out to make them look as bad as possible since they parted ways with Jenelle.

Although Jenelle reportedly claims that she parted ways due to her beef with Kailyn, the company itself stated they would no longer be working with her after receiving numerous complaints.

Jenelle Evans has been feuding with all of her co-stars, save Briana DeJesus, for quite a while now. She is focusing her energy on Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer at the moment, as she is angry the pair mentioned her on Kail’s podcast, Coffee Convos. In the podcast, Leah discussed that she was frightened when Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, brought a knife to the taping of one of the specials. It was reported he had stabbed several of the balloons on the set with the knife, and cast and crew were afraid there was a gun on set.

Kailyn Lowry also dissed Jenelle’s wedding during the most recent Teen Mom 2 special, stating on Twitter that it “looked like a mess.” Of course, Jenelle was unhappy about this and went on to slam Kail.