Kelly Ripa Reveals Man Crush, Posts Pic From Bed

Once again, Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have shown us what relationship goals are, or, at least, what they should be. On Monday, February 12, Ripa took to Instagram to share a picture of her "man crush Monday." For those unfamiliar with the weekly social media hashtag, people use it to share a picture of the male that they have a crush on. There is also "woman crush Wednesday" to recognize female crushes.

Unsurprisingly, Ripa shared a photo of her husband, her eternal man crush. The couple has never been shy about flaunting their love, and many people are simply in love with their love. Things like this only add to those feelings -- and fans seem to love it.

"FaceTiming with my man crush. (Yes in bed. Deal with it!)," Ripa captioned the photo, which was a screenshot of her phone.

The picture (below) showed both Ripa and Consuelos laying in bed, video-chatting with one another. Although they've been married since 1996 (that's 22 years), they are still very much in love. Since their schedules often cause them to be away from each other (Ripa is usually in Manhattan working on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, but she sometimes travels to film the show from different locations, like the Bahamas), they do whatever they can to connect. Turns out, Ripa and Consuelos aren't very different from the rest of the world.

Just last week, Ripa posted a picture of Consuelos promoting his show Riverdale. She used the hashtag "#daddy" which only helped rev up the heat in the comments. Hundreds of people couldn't help but comment on how handsome Consuelos looked in the picture, which was, of course, the point. Those who watch Riverdale probably know the actual meaning of the word, which was a trend started by actor KJ Apa.

It's no secret that Ripa and Consuelos have found what makes a marriage work. And if you ask Ripa, she might tell you that sex is the key to a happy, long-lasting relationship. In fact, that was her exact answer when asked the question in 2010 in an interview with Good Housekeeping, and again in 2014, while talking with her BFF, Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live.

Ripa has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, most of whom adore seeing the sweet things that she posts about her hubby.