Joy-Anna And Jinger Duggar Encouraged To Have Baby Girls As 'Counting On' Fans Forget Kids of Josh Duggar

Right now, three members of the Duggar family are pregnant with a baby. With the new season of Counting On returning to TLC at the end of this month, the fans are eagerly awaiting baby gender reveal. Joe and Kendra Duggar announced a week ago that they are expecting a boy, adding to the long list of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's grandsons. With Josh Duggar and his kids out of the picture, the fans are hoping that Joy-Anna or Jinger will add a baby girl on the show.

Jinger Duggar announced at the start of 2018 that she is expecting her first baby with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Many Counting On fans were eagerly awaiting pregnancy news from the couple. Most Duggars get pregnant within the first year of marriage, but Jinger and Jeremy took much longer than that to conceive.

But now that they are an expecting couple, the fans are wanting to know more about what their first baby be like.

Joy-Anna Duggar is also expecting, her due date just days away. She and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have put the baby due date as February 22, 2018, on their Amazon registry. They first caused an uproar when they announced their pregnancy with a huge baby bump. Many onlookers thought that she looked a lot bigger than she should at that early stage of conception.

With the new season of Counting On coming back on TLC on February 26, 2018, the fans are getting excited about the new additions to the family. One thing that they are all longing for is a baby girl to come into the Duggar clan. Jill, Jessa and soon, Kendra have been having baby boys. When the Duggar family uploaded the baby boys that populate the second generation Duggars, the fans started writing in the comments how they would like to see more girls.

"Lots of grandboys," one fan wrote. "I'm betting Jinger has the first girl! Or maybe Joy."

"In all fairness, it's been a long string of boys," another commented. "The girls are sorely outnumbered!"

However, a long-time fan of the Duggars noted that there are girls in the second generation.

"You're forgetting Mckenzie and Meredith," she wrote, noting the kids of Josh Duggar.

One of the reasons why the 29-year-old Duggar's kids have not been on the forefront of the fans' minds is because he has been banned from Counting On. He is the reason why 19 Kids and Counting was taken off the air. Since 2015, Josh Duggar and his family have not been on any public TV since his molestation scandal broke loose, according to People Magazine.

Check out the older daughter Mackynzie celebrating her eighth birthday.

Jinger Duggar is expected to give birth in July, 2018.