That's Not Angelina Jolie With A Broom -- She's Look-Alike Olympic Winner, Curling Star Anastasia Bryzgalova

Her name is not Angelina Jolie, but Anastasia Bryzgalova, an Olympic curler from Russia. However, her looks are being compared to the A-List American celebrity by the masses. Twitter is having a field day with comparisons from her facial features to her facial grimaces when it comes to looking like Angelina Jolie. Even Bryzgalova's body movements are seen as similar to Jolie's, according to Fox News.

After today's events, she has managed to capture even more attention as the natural beauty just won a medal.

According to the Express, "A stunning Russian curler who has taken the Winter Olympics by storm with her good looks has made history in Pyeongchang."

She became the first Russian curler to win a medal at the Olympics for the sport when she took home the Bronze medal.

The news of her feat opened the floodgates for even more tributes to the Russian athlete online. The tributes were not just for her performance on the ice but for her stunning resemblance to one of the most well-known celebrities in the world.

The sport of curling often comes with yelling between partners and there's plenty of that going on between Anastasia and her husband, who happens to be her Olympic partner in curling. The resemblance to Angelina Jolie is seen across the globe, as described in tweets on Twitter under the heading "Angelina Jolie Curling."

Anastasia and her husband, Aleksandr Krushelnitckiy, worked hard to beat out Norway in the curling mixed doubles, winning with 8 to 4 and bringing home that bronze medal.

While many of the references are written in languages other than English, "Angelina Jolie" is seen in almost every one of them. An earlier Inquisitr article has Anastasia Bryzgalova being compared to several notable beauties, but it seems that Angelina Jolie in her younger days has saturated the Twitter world in many different languages.

She's 25-years-old and is changing the audience for Olympic curling. While an important sport in the Olympics, it is not one of the more popular sports that the masses tend to gravitate toward, such as figure skating or skiing. That seems to be changing today as people are tuning in just to watch what this Angelina Jolie look-alike is doing on the ice, according to the many Twitter users.

Some of the posts on Twitter making those comparisons to Jolie are seen below.