Maci Bookout Tattoos Business Name To Her Body And It Inspired A New Product For ‘TTM’

Maci Bookout has found tremendous success with her online business, Things That Matter. A few years ago, her husband revealed he wanted to own his own t-shirt company and he decided to push for them to purchase a t-shirt company out of California. Because of her Teen Mom OG fame, the t-shirts started selling rather quickly and it quickly became a full-time business for them. Bookout revealed she wanted to step away from the business and let her husband run it for himself. But it sounds like Things That Matter is still going strong, as Maci is now revealing that she actually made it permanent last year.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now revealing that she actually tattooed the name of the business on her body last year. Bookout decided to take the tattoo and use it as inspiration for her new business. As it turns out, Bookout has used her tattoo to create the newest design for the company. Now, fans can wear clothing that matches Maci’s tattoo, which is something fans may enjoy. Even though Bookout has stepped out of the business, it sounds like she still has some creative input as she helps out with the hoodie designs.

Maci and Taylor have been very protective of their t-shirt business. It’s a business that helps pay the bills and it’s something that’s very valuable to them. While they have discussed the company on Teen Mom OG, it’s something that they don’t really talk about on a regular basis. Perhaps Maci doesn’t want to feature the company on the show as she doesn’t want people to discuss the business. It’s not something that she wants to suffer due to the ongoing MTV drama. As for her husband, he seems to really enjoy the growing business as he’s living his dream. On this previous season, they looked for office space in downtown Chattanooga.

Maci Bookout is currently starring on Teen Mom OG and it sounds like she could return to the next season of the show with Ryan Edwards’ wife as a permanent cast member. This is something fans have issued mixed reviews about.