‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Bekah Martinez Explains Her Missing Person Fiasco

Arie Luyendyk Jr is still in the process of trying to find love on The Bachelor. However, it won’t be with Bekah Martinez. She was eliminated from the ABC reality dating show last night. She had high hopes of being given that final rose from Arie, but it was not to be. There was also a mystery surrounding the 22-year-old contestant during her time on the show and she is now free to speak out on her missing person fiasco.

Bekah appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday speaking to Michael Strahan as she set the record straight on what exactly happened that led up to her mother reporting her missing. It was about a week after she was kicked off from The Bachelor when she had decided to take a trip with friends up north in the mountains. Bekah said that she just needed to get away for a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any phone service where she was at. The nanny mentioned that it is not unusual for her to just pick up and go camping with friends, but her mom got worried when she didn’t hear from her at all for a week. Apparently, she had told her mother that phone service wouldn’t be a problem because she thought her phone would work just fine.

After about a week of her trip, her intuition told her that she should go home. Bekah got in her car and drove to where she had phone service. It’s a good thing she did because her mom told her that she had reported her missing to the sheriff’s department. That is how she ended up on the missing persons list. A fan of The Bachelor had originally spotted her photo and the frenzy picked up from there.

Her mom did get back with the sheriff’s department after she heard from Bekah, but they needed to get in contact with the missing person personally in order to get her face taken off the list. Just two weeks ago, Bekah got a phone call from the sheriff and now all is well in Bachelor land, except that she is no longer in the running for Arie’s heart.

The short-haired California girl briefly touched on her departure from The Bachelor. She said that she thought they had something special going on, but it was clear that Arie had felt that she was not the right one for him to spend the rest of his life with.

Bekah Martinez also made her first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! right after The Bachelor aired last night. According to People, she confessed that she was hoping that it would have been Peter Kraus who was picked for the ABC show. At least Peter is a bit closer in age than Arie. The 14-year age difference between Bekah and Arie was a big conflict for him.

So, there you have it. Bekah Martinez was not holed up with Arie when she was reported missing. She had already been eliminated from the show. According to Bekah, her mother was just being the concerned parent as she should be.

Even though Bekah’s journey has ended on The Bachelor, Arie’s journey to find the love of his life continues. Be sure to watch to see who he gives his final rose to.