Kim Kardashian Stuns Twitter With New Kanye West Photos That Make Fans Want To ‘Rescue’ Rapper

Kim Kardashian recently took a break from posting partly clad photos on Instagram. Instead, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star turned to Twitter to share pictures of her husband, Kanye West. But Kardashian still didn’t escape controversy, with some Twitter fans expressing concern for West’s appearance in the photos.

Kim’s photo of herself with Kanye received 33,293 retweets and 249,406 likes. Another picture, which included Olivia Munn, earned 13,000 likes. Kardashian kept the captions simple, with one reading just “Family @oliviamunn” and another identifying herself and West as “Mom & Dad.” But the responses from Kim’s followers went much deeper, analyzing the images of Kanye in particular.

One West fan wanted to know why the rapper looked so “uncomfortable,” pleading with Kanye to smile. Others complained that West hasn’t been seen in public much recently, informing Kim that Kanye’s fans “miss Ye.” And one announced a plot to save West.

“[Kanye,] I’m coming to rescue you.”

While some appreciated the comment, a debate broke out over whether West needs to be rescued. Some fans argued that Kim’s love for Kanye is “real” and that he doesn’t need to be saved. One fan pointed out that Kardashian and West have been together for years, defending their marriage.

“After years of them being together, I’m honestly tired of hearing people talk about how Kanye is lost and how he needs saving. It’s really not even funny anymore,” wrote the fan.

Kim’s other photo showing Kardashian, West, and Olivia Munn didn’t escape a backlash. Some fans wanted to rescue Olivia as well, vowing to “save” her.

“I’m here for Olivia,” wrote one.

Others called Munn “beautiful” and “stunning.” And then there were those who urged Olivia to step away from Kim and Kanye.

“Get out of there quick [Olivia Munn]. You are better than that.”

While Munn earned praise, Kardashian couldn’t seem to escape criticism for West’s serious pose in the photo. One Twitter critic claimed that Kanye appeared as if he was in the “sunken place” in the picture.

The photos that Kim posted on Twitter came from the photo booth at Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday party during the weekend. Ellen celebrated her 60th birthday with a huge number of celebrities, and the photo booth at the party proved to be one of the most popular elements for stars such as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians couple, according to ET.

“Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West dominated the booth, snapping photos.”

As shown in the photos, the 37-year-old mom of three stunned in a cocoa-hued dress held together with laces. Her 40-year-old husband opted for a gray suit. In addition to posing as a couple and with Olivia, Kim and Kanye struck a pose with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Pregnant Chrissy put a protective hand on her baby bump, looking stunning a bright red dress. Kardashian described the quartet as a “squad” celebrating Ellen’s birthday. Fans responded to the picture of the four as well, and John got all the love.

“Hahaha all the smoldering, serious faces and then John,” wrote one admirer.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West faced a backlash over photos that Kim posted on Twitter.

One wrote that John deserved praise for keeping it “so real,” while another took time to slam the others.

“Zero class X 3 & then awesome John,” wrote the critic.

Kim came in for more criticism for the photo. One asked if she had “cut and pasted” Kanye into the picture because his facial expression and pose looked the same.

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