Carrie Underwood Allegedly Still ‘Not Ready’ To Fully Reveal Her Face After Injury, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Carrie Underwood is reportedly “looking forward” to finally revealing her injured face in full for the very first time, but actually may not be unveiling her injuries to the world anytime soon. According to a new report by Hollywood Life, the star is reportedly still “not ready” to step back into the spotlight just yet and is “doing everything to get better before any big reveals or shows will happen.”

The site is claiming that Underwood may still be staying under the radar for a little while yet as she continues to work on new music, as the site is alleging that the mom of one may not be comfortable revealing the full extent of her facial injury for a few months yet until her scars have healed a little more.

“As for her state of mind right now, she is definitely not ready to be out there just yet,” the site claimed of Carrie. “She’s basically weighing her options right now and looking forward to literally facing her fears and let everyone see her face fully healed.”

As for when Underwood could be ready to show her face again in public, Hollywood Life claimed that it could be as late as this summer before the star is fully ready to step back out after falling down some outdoor steps back in November.

“Carrie is going to take some time to get back into the limelight again and she might wait until summer,” alleged the outlet of the star, who also broke her right wrist in the fall. “She has to start filming her NFL pre-game spots around then, and she is looking to be 100% by then because she would also like to host the CMA Awards later this year.”

Though the star hasn’t confirmed the site’s claims that she could stay under the radar and not fully reveal her facial injury until the summer, as Inquisitr previously reported, Underwood currently only has one gig scheduled for 2018 so far.

She confirmed last month via Twitter that she would be keeping her obligation to perform at WE Fest in Minnesota after initially announcing her appearance last year. Carrie is set to headline one of the three shows at the country music event, which is set to run from August 2 to August 4.

Carrie Underwood may not reveal injured face until summer, according to Hollywood Life

Notably, while Underwood has mainly stayed under the radar since her nasty fall in November, she has shared a few obstructed photos of her face on Instagram over the past few months.

The first picture came in mid-December when the mom of one posted a selfie to the social media site, though the majority of her face was covered by a blue scarf from her Calia by Carrie Underwood athlesiure line for Dick’s Sporting Goods as she braved the cold.

Just last week, she shared another photo with fans which showed her hitting the gym with her two-year-old son Isaiah and husband Mike Fisher. However, she turned away from the camera in the snap so that the left side of her face, which it’s thought is where the majority of her stitches are, was not visible at all.

Carrie was also gracious enough to snap a photo with Below Deck reality star Adrienne Gang in December after Adrienne spotted her working out at a private gym in Tennessee mere weeks after her fall. However, the left side of the country superstar’s face was also obscured in the candid photo shared on Twitter.

Per Variety, Underwood confirmed she’d seriously injured her face in a blog post shared with fans on New Year’s Eve. She told her Official Fan Club members that she may look “a bit different” when she’s ready to show her face again.

“I’m still healing and not quite looking the same,” Carrie said in late 2017, seven weeks after getting 40 to 50 stitches in her face. “I honestly don’t know how things are going to end up.”