Kylie Jenner Returns To Instagram With First Selfie Since Birth Of Baby Stormi

Kylie Jenner is back in action and has now posted her first selfie since giving birth to baby Stormi. The reality star had been taking a hiatus from social media and public life in general, only posting strategic selfies that concealed her baby bump. However, she has recently posted her very first selfie, and this time it includes her entire body.

The reality star and cosmetics queen recently attended a friend’s baby shower. She and BFF Jordyn Woods made an appearance together and even posed for a photo with pal Heather Sanders with both young women cradling her belly.

Heather Sanders appeared in Kylie Jenner’s totally adorable “To Our Daughter” video, with both pregnant women posing for a photo at Kylie’s baby shower. Kylie even said she and Heather had joked about having a baby at the same time in the past, and now it was finally coming true.

Paparazzi snapped pictures of Kylie Jenner as she walked into the event, which can be seen here. However, it looked like she and best friend Jordyn were back to their old ways and having fun and taking photos of one another to post online. It has previously been reported that Jordyn hasn’t left Kylie’s side since she gave birth to Stormi on the first of the month.

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Kylie Jenner’s first picture of daughter Stormi Webster almost broke the Internet. It also broke a record for the most liked photograph in the history of the app, beating out Beyonce’s debut of her twins Sir and Rumi.

Thus far, we haven’t seen a clear picture of Stormi’s face, but Kylie Jenner has promised that she’s not selling any pictures of her daughter. She insists that she wasn’t hiding during her pregnancy due to wanting to use her daughter as a cash grab, but instead wanted to ensure privacy and to maintain the utmost health.

Rumors have circulated that Kylie Jenner’s ex, Tyga, believes that he might be Stormi’s father instead of her current beau, Travis Scott. Kylie moved on from her relationship with Tyga just a month or so after their split, which has led to a somewhat murky timeline when it comes to the baby’s conception.