McDonald’s DNA Spray Security System To Catch Thieves In Australia

McDonald’s has installed a new DNA spray security system in several locations in Australia.

The system, which was installed by the British security firm SelectaDNA, will spray thieves with a “non-toxic solution with DNA Code” after a robbery. The DNA code can later be tracked to link the criminal to the crime.

Alice Baillie, marketing manager for SelectaDNA, told ABC:

“Police are able to find SelectaDNA by using a UV Torch. The spray glows bright blue under UV light. By DNA Analysis, an offender can be linked to the premise. A sample the size of a pinhead is all that is required to link an offender to the site.”

SelectaDNA writes that the DNA spray security system “contains a UV tracer and a unique DNA code, linking them irrefutably to the crime scene.” So far, 13 McDonald’s restaurants are using the Intruder Spray solution and the company now plans to install them all over the country.

Baillie said that the DNA solution will stay on the criminals skin for weeks and on their clothes for months. For items that are not typically washed often, like clothes, hats, and weapons, the spray will stay on “indefinitely.”

McDonald’s is hoping to limit the amount of thefts in Australia with its DNA spray security system. The restaurant chain has not announced any plans to bring the system to the United States.