‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Vows To Punish Franco For Crimes Against Sam By Destroying ‘Friz’

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason (Steve Burton) has not forgotten what Franco (Roger Howarth) did to his ex-wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco). Soap Central points out that he kidnapped her twice, made her and Jason believe that he raped her on their honeymoon and had also kidnapped their son Danny, to mention but a few crimes that can be attributed to him. At one stage, Franco was also accused of ordering Carter (Josh Wingate) to rape Michael (Chad Duell) while he was in prison. It’s little wonder that Jason cannot stand Franco and makes no secret of the fact. It makes sense that he resents the fact that Franco will have a hand in raising his son, Jake (T.K. Weaver) with Liz.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that, during the week of February 12-16, Jason will unleash some of his wrath. Stone Cold has managed to keep a cool demeanor since his arrival in Port Charles, but in a confrontation with Franco, his true feelings will bubble to the surface. To Jason, it doesn’t matter that Franco had a brain tumor which explained his rather evil behavior. Sam, Danny, and Michael were all impacted by Franco and he intends to make him pay for it.

Liz has thus far managed to control the Jason and Franco situation, but General Hospital spoilers state that she won’t be able to keep the peace when Jason erupts. She knows that it is imperative that, at the very least, Jason and Franco are civil to each other for Jake’s sake. However, Jason will take out all his suppressed emotions and anger against Franco and tell him that he hasn’t forgotten his diabolical history. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that not only will Jason lash out, but he will promise to make Franco pay for all the suffering he has caused.

What better way to get back at Franco than by destroying his relationship with Liz? As far as Jason is concerned, Liz deserves better than Franco and would not hesitate to dismantle this relationship. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason intends to deliver on his promise of destruction and ruin Franco’s life and taking out “Friz” would certainly impact him. If Jason can’t have the woman he loves, why should Franco? If Jason can’t be involved in the day-to-day custody of his children, why should Franco have that privilege with Jake? It seems as if Jason is on a mission, and he is prepared to protect his family any way that he can.