‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Ashley Kapri Defends Dimitri Snowden After Cheating Allegations

Last night on a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife, everyone saw that after the cameras left, Dimitri Snowden actually went off and had sex with their potential sister wife. He made it look on camera like his date was over, but that was not the case. In Touch Weekly shared how Ashley Kapri is now defending him against allegations that he cheated on his wife.

This couple wants to find a sister wife and has tried before but it failed. Ashley is pregnant but doesn’t really want more children of her own after this one. A lot of people feel like Ashley was cheated on since he actually slept with the other girl without his wife’s permission, but she doesn’t seem to agree with it being that way.

Ashley went to her Instagram explaining that there are only two people that her husband needs to answer to, and that the fans of the show are not someone he has to answer to. She feels like he only needs to answer to himself and to his wife. The thing to remember is they put their life on reality television for the entire world to see, so of course, people are going to judge their actions.

After that, Ashley explained that she does forgive him for what went down. She seems totally fine with it all now. Ashley wants everyone to know that she doesn’t feel like he cheated and that they are doing just fine. She explained that they have chosen to work through each other’s faults as a couple. At this point, it would be pretty shocking if these two ever called it quits. This was filmed a while ago, so you know that even though the viewers are just now seeing it, they already lived it a long time ago.

Ashley and Dimitri have already had their new baby. The couple hasn’t shared yet if they found a sister wife or not. The fans are just going to have to wait and see how it goes down at the end of this season.

Next week, there will be a lot of talk about this on the new episode of Seeking Sister Wife. Don’t miss it when it airs on Sunday night on TLC.