'The Punisher' Season 2: Filming For New Episodes Starts This Month, Potential Storyline Teased

Just a month after The Punisher Season 2 has been announced, the Marvel series is set to be filmed this month. Season 1 was just released in November and now, there's news about the progress on the new season, which only suggests that the hype for The Punisher continues to be strong.

According to Spoiler TV, the Jon Bernthal-starred series will get back to filming new episodes on February 26. The work will continue on and filming is expected to wrap up by July 20. Not much has been revealed about what The Punisher Season 2 will be about but since filming is about to start, it is expected that more details will surface. It was indicated that the dates are subject to change, but still, it only shows how quick the turnaround for Season 2 is.

Given the dates, filming and wrapping up could happen so soon but it is believed that fans may need to wait longer to see Frank Castle (Bernthal) back in action. As noted by Screenrant, slots for Marvel series on Netflix for this year are already filled. Jessica Jones Season 2 starts streaming in March and Daredevil and Luke Cage returns this year with brand new seasons. Iron Fist is currently filming the second season and it's likely that this series will join The Punisher's release, which is expected to be in 2019.

Meanwhile, an official storyline has also yet to be announced but multiple news outlets have reported that The Punisher Season 2 could be based on Garth Ennis' arc, The Slavers. In this case, episodes for the second season could be shot in New York City again. The end of Season 1 teased the presence of a mob run by the notorious Gnucci crime family, who were characters created by Ennis.

The Punisher Season 2 is believed to be based on Garth Ennis'

That Hashtag Show previously did a breakdown of characters Marvel TV is looking to have in The Punisher Season 2, which gave a hint on the series' potential plot. As revealed in the report, the series is looking for two female actors to play the rugged streetsmart 16-year-old Anna Beir and a therapist in her mid-30s, Kim Davis.

The news outlet speculates that the two characters will become series regulars in an Ennis adaptation. That Hashtag Show made a connection between the two characters for The Punisher Season 2. Annie could be a reference to Viorica, who was saved by Frank Castle when she was just a young girl. Viorica's story led the vigilante to discover an underground sex slave ring. Castle then sought help from a social worker named Jen Cooke, who had helped Viorica, to track down the ring. Kim Davis could be a reference to Jen Cooke.

These are all based on speculation but if Netflix heads for that direction, The Punisher Season 2 will prove to be more interesting taking on a dark plot. Still, no one knows if the Gnuccis will very much become a part of the second season. They could be the main antagonists or they could be used as recurring characters. Fans will just have to wait for more updates to find out.