'Kingdom Hearts III' World List Expands To Include Another Pixar Film, 'Monsters, Inc.'

Kingdom Hearts III will take its players to Monstropolis when it debuts later this year, as a Monsters, Inc. world has been confirmed via a new trailer at D23 Expo Japan.

Kingdom Hearts III Includes At Least Two Pixar Worlds

Monster's Inc. is the second world in Kingdom Hearts III based off of a Pixar film. This marks the first time the magic of Pixar's movies is being included in Kingdom Hearts. At the D23 Expo last year in Anaheim, Square Enix announced their collaboration with Pixar to bring the world and characters of Toy Story to the game. Although the KH series is known for recreating some of the most memorable scenes from Disney's movies, the partnership with Pixar has allowed the teams to craft a whole new Toy Story tale just for the game.

As of this writing, the Kingdom Hearts III world list includes the following destinations:

  • Monstropolis from Monster's, Inc.
  • Andy's Room from Toy Story
  • Kingdom of Corona from Tangled
  • San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6
  • Mount Olympus from Hercules
Other locations from previous games in the series, like the Old Mansion, Twilight Town, and Yen Sid's Tower, have also been shown in previous trailers. And although Disneyland is not a destination in the game, several theme park rides like the spinning teacups of the Mad Tea Party are going to be featured as a new type of summon or special attack.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Inc Form
Sora, Donald, and Goofy get colorful Monster forms in 'Kingdom Hearts III.'

Sora, Donald, And Goofy Become Monsters

During their Monsters, Inc. adventure, Sora and his friends blend into their scary surroundings by taking the form of Monsters. Donald gets turned into a blue one-eyed creature, much like Mike Wazowski, and the resemblance between the two characters serves a lighthearted joke in the new trailer. Goofy as a Monster is appropriately silly-looking with teal-colored fur and the iris of his left eye being much larger than his right.

Sora is transformed into a furry cat with short, grey-striped fur and a short reptilian tail. His Monster form is topped off with bright red fins that take the place of his iconic spiky hair. Sora's new Monster's Inc.-themed keyblade has an industrial look that incorporates several nods to the film. Its design features bright yellow Scream Canisters, a blue Scream Assistant hard hat helmet, and even a charm of Boo in her purple monster costume.

Monster Form Sora KH3
Sora's Monster form and Keyblade from the upcoming 'Kingdom Hearts 3.'

Two Monsters's Inc. keyblade transformations are showcased in the latest trailer, as well. In the first battle sequence, the keyblade splits into two blades each with a claw on its end. In the second, the keyblade appears to split into twin gears that act like yo-yos. They are shown in action, and quickly knock down heartless individually, and the gears also come together to smash and grind enemies to bits (in a Disney-friendly fashion, of course).

There's a lot to digest from the new video. Watch the entire Kingdom Hearts III D23 Expo Japan trailer below to get a first look at the new Monster's, Inc. world, weapons, and characters.