Acorn TV Brings A New Season Of ‘Doctor Finlay’ To Viewers Each Week

A popular Masterpiece Theater series from the 1990s, Doctor Finlay, is now streaming on Acorn TV, with a new season of the show added each Monday. Doctor Finlay is based on stories from Scottish novelist A. J. Cronin about the fictional Dr. Finlay, who returns to his hometown of Tannochbrae, Scotland, after serving as a doctor in the field in World War II. The lead role in Doctor Finlay is played by David Rintoul, best known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Pride and Prejudice.

Acorn TV offers viewers a wide variety of movies and television from English speaking countries from around the world, from Great Britain to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. From all things Agatha Christie to Doc Martin and Midsomer Murders, Acorn TV streams great drama and mystery series sometimes right after they run in the United Kingdom.

Acorn TV also has documentaries and reality shows like Very British Problems, which features some of your favorite actors and comedians from Great Britain.

“The hilarious celebratory talking heads show returns with Britain’s most famous faces sharing the struggle against the endless capacity of social awkwardness which comes with being British. Originating from a Twitter account and narrated by Julie Walters, the show features contributions from James Corden (The Late Late Show), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Catherine Tate, and more.”

Doctor Finlay Is A Medical Series That Takes Place In A Small Town In Scotland After World War II

Cord Cutters News praises Doctor Finlay for its stories about life in the town of Tannochbrae and how working-class people deal with post-war problems. Dr. Finlay returns home to his rural town to rejoin his practice with two other doctors at an office called Arden House. The ’90s series Doctor Finlay is based on the popular black and white BBC series of the 1960s, Doctor Finlay’s Casebook.

Each episode of Doctor Finlay includes the backdrop of Great Britain as the National Health Service was being created, antibiotics were slowly becoming available, and what we know as modern medicine was coming to light. But what Doctor Finlay examines most is the medical care accessible to the rich and the poor.

The cast of Doctor Finlay is largely an ensemble, despite the title, and includes Ian Bannen (Waking Ned Devine, Braveheart) as the semi-retired senior partner, Dr. Cameron; Annette Crosbie (Henry IX, Little Dorrit, One Foot in the Grave) as his housekeeper, Janet; and Finlay’s junior associate, Dr. Neil, played by Jason Flemyng (The Missing, X-Men: First Class, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

Acorn TV Will Add A New Season Of Doctor Finlay Each Monday

The Savvy Screener says that the original Doctor Finlay, Dr. Finlay’s Casebook, was set in the 1920s, while this version streaming on Acorn TV is set in the mid-1940s. The surprising element of the series is how many modern issues are handled, like abortion, mental illness, rape, and PTSD following military service.

Doctor Finlay shares many similarities to Call The Midwife, with a medical facility serving a poor community.