WWE News: John Cena ‘Confronted’ By Seth Rollins Two Weeks Before ‘Elimination Chamber’

There are just two weeks to go until the Elimination Chamber and most of the matches are in place, but it seems there may be something brewing between two former world champions. As things currently stand, John Cena will be in the actual chamber match and fighting for a right to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. Seth Rollins is not currently scheduled for a match, but that didn’t stop him from confronting Cena.

John Cena won a qualifying match against Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks ago, and he will have a spot in the chamber. Seth Rollins has found himself with two different tag team partners and two different Raw Tag Team Championships in the last couple of months, but now, he’s left alone again.

Cena and Rollins aren’t in a feud together and are not in the same match at the Elimination Chamber, but something is going on between them. It may end up playing out on WWE television or it may end up going nowhere, but today’s back-and-forth just came out of nowhere.

Wrestling Inc. noticed that Cena hopped on Twitter and let the world know that he had been confronted by someone and it ended up being none other than Seth Rollins.

Not long after Cena posted his tweet, Seth Rollins responded in quite the simple fashion.

It looks as if the two may have had some kind of conversation that ended with Cena actually thanking Rollins. The more interesting thing is that Cena’s own words say that he was “confronted” by someone on his “shortcomings,” but he also let it be known that it was a friend of his.

This really may have ended up being just something between the two and may never result in anything on WWE television. While the social media accounts of the superstars may be used to play into storylines, they’re also there for personal interaction.

wwe news john cena confronted seth rollins elimination chamber

They won’t be facing off at the next pay-per-view as Cena is in the main event of the Elimination Chamber and Rollins has nothing to do. According to Cageside Seats, Rollins doesn’t even have a match due to the fact that Jason Jordan suffered an injury and it resulted in him being pulled from the PPV.

In a couple of weeks, Monday Night Raw will present the Elimination Chamber and John Cena is going to be in the main event of the pay-per-view. Unless something drastic changes, Seth Rollins won’t have a match or even a role at the event at all. Still, both superstars interacted on Twitter on Monday where Cena said he was “confronted” by Rollins, but it was likely just something personal between the two stars.