Olympian Adam Rippon Receives A Letter Letting Him Know He Is An Inspiration

United States Olympian Adam Rippon is not only openly gay, but he is proving to be someone that people can appreciate and admire. Whether he is posting to Twitter and Instagram, sharing his story, or doing interviews with the media, Rippon is showing the world that he is proud of who he is and it is this sense of pride that has lead to him receiving a letter that has apparently stood out among all the others.

According to USA Today, Adam Rippon’s agent receives hundreds of messages every day, especially over the last few weeks leading up to the 2018 winter Olympics. However, it seems that there was one letter in particular that really stood out from all the rest.

The letter that Adam Rippon received was from a young man from the Midwest, who wanted to share his story with the Olympian, and explain just what an inspiration he has been. This young man shared that although he is gay, his family is not accepting, and it is because of this lack of acceptance that he has been struggling. However, it seems that he recently heard Rippon’s own story, and found a level of hope that was inspired by the bravery that the figure skater has shown the world.

After hearing Adam Rippon’s story, the young man made the decision to write to the Olympian in order to let him know that he is an inspiration to so many people. It seems that after reading the letter, Rippon’s agent, David Baden, knew that it was important to share it with the Olympic skater, even if he did not get the chance to respond or read it right away.

While it seems that Adam Rippon has in fact read the letter, he admitted that he has not yet had a chance to respond. With plenty of competition still ahead, it makes sense that the Olympian has not been able to reply directly to the young man at this time. However, Rippon did say he has every intention of reaching out and if his Twitter and Instagram posts are any indication, he will continue to be an inspiration to young people the world over.

Although Adam Rippon uses his social media to show the world how fun he can be, as well as how talented he is, his abilities as an athlete are what have given him a platform to be a role model, especially as part of the LGBTQ community. With his ability to be honest about who he is, while also showing a talent for figure skating that has already helped him earn one medal at these games, it makes sense that a letter like this one are enough to make headlines during the 2018 winter Olympics.