49-Year-Old WSVN Miami News Producer Robin Cross Fired After Shouting N-Word

Robin Cross is a 49-year-old woman who is feeling the heat after a viral video titled “Miami News Anchor Robin Cross Shouts N Word” went viral. The video is only 49 seconds long but has gained more than 33,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded to the video-sharing site on Friday, February 9.

According to Heavy, Cross worked as a news producer for WSVN-Channel 7 out of Miami but was fired in the wake of the video going viral. Robin could be heard shouting a racial slur in the video, a phrase she claims she finally said aloud. However, it is not clear if Robin knew she was being recorded during the incident.

Robin was arguing with 66-year-old Robert Fenton, a retired car dealer, when Cross’ racist slur was captured on video. Robin had just parked in front of Robert’s driveway, partially blocking it, in front of his home. That’s when Robin unleashed the N-word during the parking dispute, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The incident took place in Fort Lauderdale but soon traveled around the world as the short video snippet gained loads of attention. It had been a long ongoing dispute between Cross and Fenton, one that had begun four years ago, after Robin relocated to Fort Lauderdale’s Isle of Venice Drive. According to Zillow, homes in the area are priced at $1 million to $2 million and up.

The video shows Cross yelling at Fenton and telling him that he doesn’t own the road. Robert, however, yells back that Robin is blocking his driveway. That’s when Robin mentions the fact that she has cursed and, for some reason, brings up the notion that Robert’s son dates a person of color, but uses a slur to describe the woman.

On Facebook, Robin’s “Robin Cross WSVN” page shows that she works for WSVN Channel 7. At the time of this writing, Cross has not updated the place of her employment, where she has worked for the past two years as a producer and scriptwriter. The self-proclaimed “Dedicated News Professional, Mom, Best Friend and Plant Lover” also lists her former roles as a special projects producer at CBS 12 News on Facebook, as well as working previously as a field producer at the Sun Sentinel. Additional work included Robin’s role as an assignment editor/field producer at WFOR-TV and a news anchor/reporter at WIOD. At the moment, the future of Cross’ career in media is uncertain.