Vanessa Trump And Her Mother Exposed To White Powder That Spilled From Envelope Addressed To Donald Trump Jr.

Vanessa Trump, who is the wife of Donald Trump Jr., was taken to a Manhattan hospital this morning after a suspicious letter arrived at her apartment that contained an unknown substance. The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr., but it was opened by Venessa, who was one of three people who was taken to the hospital, according to NBC News.

No one suffered any injuries and there were no signs present that the substance was something dangerous like a biological agent or a hazardous material. The trip to the hospital was strictly precautionary for three people at the Trump apartment when that letter was opened.

According to the New York Post, the envelope contained a substance that was described as “white powder.” Vanessa Trump opened the letter that was addressed to her husband when it arrived at the “posh” Sutton Place neighborhood apartment on East 54th Street.

According to the Post, it was around 10 a.m. on Monday morning when that letter was opened. While the description of the substance was given as a white powder, it is not immediately clear what that the substance was in that powdered form.

The New York Daily News reports after the envelope arrived, Vanessa Trump’s mother, Bonnie Haydon, handled the package before giving it to her daughter. There was a third person present in the apartment at the time as well. Vanessa, her mother, and that third person were transported to the hospital as a precaution.

The authorities were called to the apartment at about 10 a.m. after the letter was opened. Before being taken to the Weill Cornell Medical Center, Vanessa was “decontaminated” at the apartment. When Vanessa opened the package, the white powder spilled out. The scene was swarming with members of the New York City Police Department, a team from the Health and Environmental Protection Agency, and officials from the Office of Emergency Management.

According to CBS News, tests are being conducted to identify the white powder, but preliminary tests done on the scene indicated there was nothing harmful in that envelope. Tests are also underway to determine who sent that envelope as well as where the substance originated from. According to CBS, The NYPD and Secret Service are conducting the investigation.