Trump Criticized On Twitter For 2019 Budget That May Cut $583 Billion From Medicaid, Disability, SNAP

President Donald Trump’s proposed 2019 budget is getting plenty of blowback on social media. As reported by the New York Times, the new White House budget proposes deep cuts in certain domestic programs. The budget proposal was delivered to Congress on Monday, February 12, and before long, the feedback about the $4.4 trillion budget and the cuts in Medicare — along with other domestic programs — began flowing into Twitter.

With proposed cuts to Medicaid that could reduce spending by $300 billion, as well as $70 billion slashed from disability programs and more, the budget has caused some Twitter users to call Trump’s budget “absurd, disgusting and un-American,” as seen below. Military spending will be increased while programs like SNAP would be reduced by $213 billion.

Although chances are that the budget won’t pass, what’s being called Trump’s vision statement will spend plenty of money — $200 billion over the next 10 years — on major infrastructure initiatives. Domestic and military spending will be increased by $300 billion. Trump’s proposed budget also includes a request to set up a fund for the medical care for veterans that contains $85.5 billion in discretionary funding. Approximately $13 billion would be proposed to prevent the abuse of opioids and include mental health programs.

Despite White House claims that the proposed budget would save $600 million for U.S. taxpayers in comparison to 2017, feedback over the programs that the budget aims to slash is overtaking that notion. The 2019 budget would slash $2.8 billion from the United States Environmental Protection Agency while scrapping almost all of the programs related to climate change.

Instead of lowering the deficit, Trump’s budget would increase the federal deficit by $7.2 trillion, according to Time. The proposed budget would not balance the budget even after one decade, but add to the growing deficits.

Trump’s budget would cut certain domestic programs but set aside money for the controversial border wall. As reported by KTLA, $23 billion for border security has been mentioned in the budget in spite of Trump’s promises on the campaign trail claiming that Mexico would pay for the border wall.

As seen in tweets that mention “Trump Medicaid” and “Trump SNAP,” his budget proposal cuts are getting a big response, but not necessarily a positive one.