Queen Elizabeth Is In Good Health, But U.K. Advertisers Are Already Preparing For Her Death

Queen Elizabeth is turning 92 in a few months, but her old age doesn’t seem to be slowing her down. While Her Majesty is still in good health, media outlets in the UK are already preparing for her death. This includes informing the public about what will happen during Elizabeth’s final days on earth and making sure her death is handled appropriately.

Advertising Agencies Must Plan For Her Death

Handling Elizabeth’s death is not an easy task for advertising agencies, according to a recent article in The Drum. On one hand, the media needs to honor Elizabeth’s legacy while not seeming like they are capitalizing on the situation or promoting their company in any way. They are also dealing with the fact that Elizabeth is still healthy and looks nowhere near her deathbed.

With Elizabeth healthy as ever, companies have no idea when her health will start to fail, which makes planning for her death even more difficult. Although it sounds a bit macabre planning for a healthy person’s death, it is something that all advertisers in the UK must do.

If they don’t prepare and end up flubbing Elizabeth’s passing, then it could have irreparable damages to their brand.

Elizabeth has sat at the head of the British monarchy for 65 years and running, making her the longest ruling queen in the history of England. With this kind of longevity, Elizabeth is the only queen many Brits have ever known, and she certainly holds a special place in many hearts around the world.

Who Will Take The Throne Upon Her Death?

As if dealing with Elizabeth’s death won’t be hard enough, questions surrounding who will inherit the throne make things even dicier.

Right now, Prince Charles is first in line to inherit the crown once Elizabeth is gone. The only problem is that Charles has a rocky history with the public and is not the most popular member of the royal family – and that’s by a long shot.


In a poll taken last year, Charles came in first as the most disliked royal. His wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, is also unpopular with Brits and could complicate the succession even further. U.K. residents made it clear they would prefer Prince William and Duchess Kate take the throne, but at this point, there are no plans for Charles to abdicate the throne. Once Elizabeth dies, Charles taking the throne will not make the mourning process any easier, which makes things even trickier for advertisers.

Advertisers clearly have a lot to think about when it comes to handling Elizabeth’s death. Apart from Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, we haven’t witnessed the passing of a royal family member of this caliber in quite some time.

In fact, when the last monarch, King George, died, social media wasn’t around, and advertising agencies played a small role in his passing. Fast forward to modern times, and agencies will have to think about canceling pre-paid ads when Elizabeth dies, especially if they are in poor taste. They also have to consider changing their activity on social media without suffering too much loss.

Of course, we’ll only know for sure what will happen once Queen Elizabeth passes away. Until then, we can only hope that her good health continues and she keeps everyone on their toes.