Arie Luyendyk Jr. Talks Happiness Post-‘Bachelor,’ Teases Finale Will Be Entertaining And Worth Watching

Paul HebertABC

The Bachelor spoilers for Season 22 have teased that things will get quite wild and crazy during Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final episodes and Luyendyk himself is teasing that what lies ahead contains can’t-miss drama. The finale is right around the corner and viewers are anxious to see if the juicy spoilers swirling around end up being accurate. What is Arie saying now about his journey and how do those sync up with what gossip king Reality Steve has previously shared?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. hasn’t necessarily said very much about his Bachelor journey lately, but with the finale set to air in just a few weeks, he is doing more media again and tough questions are being asked. Luyendyk had previously admitted that he had fallen in love with two women, and during a new chat with E! Online he is doubling down on that storyline. Those who have been following Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers regarding Season 22 might find that to be an interesting topic of conversation at this point.

Luyendyk said that it’s going to be hard to watch the rest of Season 22 play out because he continues to maintain that he did fall in love with two women. Arie says that he doesn’t fall in love easily, so it seems it caught him quite off-guard to fall so hard for two bachelorettes. The Bachelor star says that the biggest thing for him was to consider how the relationship with his pick would be outside of the show, especially since it’s so easy to fall in love in the romanticized environment of filming.

At this point, Arie won’t reveal any Bachelor spoilers regarding whether or not he is engaged. Of course, many leads stay vague on the engagement topic heading into their season’s finale. However, Luyendyk has good reason to play coy if the ending syncs with Reality Steve’s explosive teasers.

While the Bachelor star may not be up for sharing specific spoilers regarding an engagement, Arie says that he is very happy right now and Luyendyk adds that he feels the journey was worth it. He teases that the finale will be entertaining for viewers to watch and he promises that it won’t be disappointing.

Some might find it interesting that according to Bachelor spoilers and teasers E! Online, Luyendyk says he didn’t model his decisions regarding his final pick after either previous leads Jason Mesnick or Ben Higgins. Why are those two previous bachelors mentioned specifically?

As franchise fans will remember, Higgins told both JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell that he loved them, and this led to a lot of tension and rumors even after his Bachelor finale aired. As for Mesnick, he stunned viewers when he dumped his final rose recipient, Melissa Rycroft, after filming and reunited with runner-up Molly Malaney.

Arie teased some mild Bachelor spoilers in his recent People blog that the decisions he faces through the rest of the season are not easy and he adds that viewers will not want to miss them. Up next is Episode 7, taking place in Italy, then comes the hometowns, overnights, finale, and The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

Spoilers from Reality Steve, teasers from previews and tidbits from host Chris Harrison himself hint that the finale and subsequent ATFR will be jaw-dropping and buzzworthy. Now, based on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s newest teases, it does look like everything is syncing up to be exactly that and fans cannot wait to see it all play out.