Carrie Underwood's Personal Trainer Shares Photo, Update On Country Star

Carrie Underwood might not be ready to step back into the spotlight after suffering an injury to her wrist and to her face back in November, but she is doing much better these days, according to someone who knows her fairly well.

Underwood's personal trainer, Erin Oprea, has been working with the country star for years now, and was recently doing a workout with her when she snapped a picture of Underwood doing a squat with her son, Isaiah.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Underwood shared the very first photo of herself on Instagram over the weekend (she has shared throwback photos and other pictures that aren't of her) since she fell on the front stairs of her home. However, the photo didn't show Underwood's face, which could have a scar after she received 50 stitches for a wound she suffered in the fall.

Oprea also shared the photo on her Instagram page, and when she was asked how Underwood was doing, she gave fans a pretty good update.

"This [picture was taken] today and she's doing great," Oprea told the curious fan. Oprea is a celebrity trainer who has worked with many big names in the industry. She has also penned a book called The 4x4 Diet. Underwood wrote the foreword in the book, which was released in February 2016. The book discusses four key foods and the 4-minute workouts that can change the way a person looks and feels in just four weeks time. You can purchase the book on Amazon for about $18.

Oprea and Underwood go way back, so it is safe to say that Oprea's update is one that can absolutely be trusted. She is partially responsible for Underwood's killer legs, after all!

As you can see in Oprea's caption, she loves when Underwood's son joins in on their workouts. She also mentions how she feels it is "awesome" to get kids into fitness when they are young because it becomes a part of their lives as they get older. Although Isaiah might be too young to do a proper squat, it definitely looks like he is having fun and that he is interested in fitness, which is really great.