Plastic Surgeon Dr. Samuel Lam Pinpoints Trump Scar He Believes Is A Sign Of Baldness Reduction Surgery

Two experts have come forward to both say they believe that Donald Trump has had surgery on his scalp to combat his baldness. Trump has shared with his White House doctor that he take the baldness drug Propecia daily, but he has not publicly shared any scalp surgeries that he may have had in the past. After the recent wind gust revealed a large bald spot, two plastic surgeons, Dr. Samuel Lam and Dr. Lisa Ishii took a closer look at his exposed scalp and discovered what they have identified as a tell-tale scar.

Plastic Surgeons Are Debating Which Scalp Surgery Donald Trump Might Have Had

Donald Trump was said to be mortified by the video that went viral of his bald spot being exposed while he walked up the stairs to Air Force One. Trump saw the video and learned that all of the late-night talk shows were mocking his “fake hair” and is determined to do what he can to prevent anyone from seeing the bald spot again.

“Donald has seen the video and seen people talk about it and he is livid about the reaction and that it even happened in the first place. He takes his hair very seriously since we all know that he is very vain and with his ego damaged he is making sure that this will never happen again. It is without a doubt an issue that he keeps stressing on and he seems to be focusing more on it never happening again than actual pressing presidential matters.”

Stylists have suggested that Donald Trump step up the pomade and slick his hair back like his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Dr. Lam And Dr. Ishii Each Have An Opinion About The Trump Scar Revealed By The Windy Day On Video

Two doctors, Dr. Lisa Ishii and Dr. Samuel Lam, both believe that Donald Trump has had baldness surgery on his scalp at some point. Dr. Ishii supposes that Trump has had a full hair transplant, reports the Daily Mail, while Dr. Lam believes that Donald Trump has had scalp reduction that involves cutting out a piece of scalp from the back of the head and filling in the bald spot.

When the wind blew and parted the hair on the back of Trump’s head, the plastic surgeons believe it revealed a scar amidst the bald spot. Michael Wolff revealed in his book Fire and Fury that Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, confessed in a sworn deposition that Donald Trump had had scalp reduction surgery in 1989. Ivana Trump said that the surgery was done by plastic surgeon to the stars Steven Hoefflin. However, Donald Trump denies that he has ever had any scalp surgery, and says that his hair is all his own.

Dr. Lisa Ishii of Johns Hopkins says that scalp reduction surgery, which was done before 1990, was dangerous and involved, and it’s not a one-time procedure.

“Scalp skin is very stiff skin. It’s very hard to pull together the skin edges and get them to close to each other if you cut out anything beyond a half dollar size piece of skin. If you had a large bald area, you’d have to have several procedures in a row before you actually achieved your goal to cut out the bald spot. You can’t do it in one fell swoop.”

The Debate Has Just Started About What The World Thought Was The Trump Combover

But Dr. Samuel Lam, owner of the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, believes that the vertical scar is a tell-tale sign that Trump most likely had baldness reduction surgery also known as scalp reduction surgery.

“If you see a vertical incision on the back of the scalp on the crown, that’s very typical of a scalp reduction.”

The Daily Beast wondered when it comes to the hair of Donald Trump, what is fake and what is real? While in the past most people just thought Trump had a combover, the scar or incision line seen down the middle of Trump’s rear scalp has changed the conversation.

Regardless of what type of procedure Trump may have had, it’s a safe bet that he will be wearing one of his ball caps on all windy days going forward.